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How To Avoid Getting Sabotaged At Work

August 06, 2018

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Ever feel like your co-workers and their candy bowls are sabotaging you?

You bring a salad to work but your buddy Steve ordered a pizza and offers you a slice. Damn it, Steve, I’m trying to stay focused!

Your co-workers make fun of you that you drank the Nutritional Wisdom kool-aid, but it’s time for them to have a sip.

Did you know that I am a professional speaker? (Not too professional - you can take the girl out of Staten Island but...)

I’ve lectured at Facebook, Lululemon, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Frog Design, Atlassian… and the feedback I get is that these types of talks are impactful, high energy and in high demand. People in your network are ready for permanent change, but most don’t know where to start.

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I’m back from maternity leave on August 21st and have several lectures coming up before the end of the year. If your company hosts wellness speakers, let’s get me on stage at your office! I’d love to meet your team.

Soooo, where do you work? Does your company have a corporate wellness team? Let’s connect and get something on the calendar.

*If you help make this happen, I will offer your entire company discounted services and you will get a special extra.

Reach out to my Business Operations Lead, Laura, to get the ball rolling. Let’s team up to get your co-workers, colleagues, and staff members feeling and looking their best.

See you on Bring-Your-Nutritionist-To-Work Day!

Endemotionaleating V2

Emotional eating is a constant coaching topic of mine, which is why I offer a self-paced program to help you get back to a place of empowerment, no matter where you live!

End Emotional Eating is a 4-Week Online Course that will teach you how to break free from the pendulum swing between food prison and reckless abandonment. And who doesn’t like to learn at home in their jammies?!

To celebrate my return to work after two months of baby-mommy time, I want to offer you a discount on my course!

Through the month of September, you can purchase the End Emotional Eating course here for only $49. That’s a 50% savings on this already reasonably priced program! This discount applies to friends as well, so please forward this to anyone who is looking to get unstuck and off the roller coaster of yo-yo dieting.

In October it’s going back to full price, so get it now. If you don’t love what you are learning, get a full refund, no questions asked.

Here’s what people are saying about the program:

"Our eating habits are formed very early on in our lives, but it’s not too late to form healthier eating habits. I couldn't have made these changes without Carly as my guide." - Ann J.

"Thank you Carly! I have done many groups, gone to therapy and retreats, and your support has had the biggest affect on me and my life. I am a loving fan!" - Jackie H.

"This course was amazing. I had high expectations going in and I got more out of it than I ever could have hoped. One of the best surprises was how well the coursework helped me manage my stress levels around meal time. Friends and family are always asking for my secret- it's Carly." - Sharon L.

“I found the course to be enlightening and changed my thinking 180 degrees on my food choices. It's really the beginning of a new process that has already paid dividends for me!”

PS - Here’s the link to learn more about your discounted End Emotional Eating Online Course.