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You Need Deeper Sleep, Not More. Here’s How...

May 18, 2020

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I press that “next episode” button as much as the next person, but when my clock says 10 pm I start to feel my higher self come through with a raised brow. “How will you feel about this next episode when your toddler wakes you up at 6 am tomorrow?”. My higher self can be a real Debbie downer when I only have one episode of Normal People to go.

We all battle wanting to stay up late to have more “me” time and then start the day feeling exhausted (coffee before water please). It’s not just about the length of time you sleep, but also how deep the sleep is that you are getting. Maybe you sleep more than 9 hours but still wake up feeling depleted.

In this video, I explain the mechanics of sleep and how to get more of the good stuff (not drugs, sleep, which is like a drug with no hangover).