End Emotional Eating

Stop the Roller Coaster

I'm here to show you how I got off the roller coaster of dieting and lost weight permanently.

Join me and the thousands of other women I've helped who have finally found freedom, empowerment and yes, permanent results.

End Emotional Eating

Are you worried you won't ever find peace with food or your body?

Believe me, you are not alone. We all have a desire to experience optimal health. We want to lose weight, we want to sleep better, we want to poop more...

...and we want to feel and look healthy!

Because of this, we have tried diet after diet, cleanse after cleanse. Most of them work for the time being, and some of them are absolutely ridiculous from the start (ahem, The Grapefruit Diet).

Whether the diet works to lose the weight or not, we eventually break out of our mental food prison and enter the inevitable phase of reckless food abandonment.

Are you exhausted from the back and forth?

We want permanent change, dang it!

The good news is there is a way to lose weight and feel better without having to repent for your late night cookie sins.

It's obvious that these changes begin with food, but true life long change goes much deeper than changing the food on your plate.

It is very clear why going on a diet never works for us in the long term.

Why  diets  don't work

  • They don't address the underlying reasons why we eat when we aren't hungry.
  • They create a food prison for from which we must eventually plan our escape.
  • The diet rules silence our inherent and intuitive eating guide, shutting us down emotionally.
  • Just because we know better doesn't mean we do better.
  • Sugar is just too delicious!


Don't grab your coat and head to your local all-you-can-eat just yet. Just because a diet isn't the answer, that doesn't mean that there isn't a way to achieve all that you want for your health and happiness.

End Emotional Eating

I want you to know that this is so different from your typical anti-diet protocol.

I've read plenty o' books on becoming an intuitive eater and most of them sound something like this:

"Get spiritually connected with yourself and then you can eat whatever you want"...

As much as I wish that were true, it is a hippie lie.

Are you ready for the absolute truth about your future fabulous body and life?

For the most part, you are going to have to eat healthfully if you want to achieve all your health dreams.

What I will teach you is how to create an authentic desire to want to eat this way.

I'm teaching you how to be on the no-diet “diet” for the rest of your life. In fact, I will argue that my solution can be even more challenging since it can never be mastered.

You don't get to check it off of your list like you would a 30-day cleanse.

It is a lifelong tool to be practiced, and through this practice, will provide you ultimate health and balance. My tool is the daily practice of conscious eating.

The overeater within me, (I call him Augustus Gloop, he's the boy in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the overalls and constant chocolate all over his face) laughs at this notion.

Not only does it sound way “too easy,” but eating consciously is not his scene.

Augustus, this shiz ain't easy but it is worth it.

Why the Practice of Conscious Eating Leads to Permanent Food Freedom

  • It allows you to connect to your inner guide, which not only tells you when and what to eat, but keeps you clued in to how you are feeling.
  • It creates a present moment awareness that positively impacts every area of your life.
  • You will lose weight, improve your digestion, energy and mood without feeling like you need to be punished.
  • You can finally stop shaming yourself and talking smack to your naked self in the mirror.
  • You can eat some carbs and still look good in a bathing suit… need I say more?

"This course was amazing. I had high expectations going in and I got more out of it than I ever could have hoped. One of the best surprises was how well the coursework helped me manage my stress levels around meal time. Friends and family are always asking for my secret- it's Carly."

- Sharon Levy

"Thank you Carly! I have done many groups, gone to therapy and retreats, and your support has had the biggest affect on me and my life. I am a loving fan!"

- Jackie Harrison

Get Started Now

Notice how kids don't eat when they aren't hungry, even if it's PIZZA!

I watch my nephews at a birthday party running around instead of gorging on pizza and cupcakes.

Are they insane or just not yet conditioned? Are they straight up masters of conscious eating?

As children, we carry around less "baggage" and therefore are more in touch with our inner guides. As we get older and we start getting pulled in all different directions (work, school, exercise, kids, etc.), we learn fear and we stop listening to that guide. Before we know it, we're sitting on the couch stuffing our faces with popcorn watching bad TV after dinner.

If you long for that type of food freedom that you had as a child, you need to re-learn the practice of conscious eating.

After consulting with thousands of clients and seeing the success of combining the spiritual and scientific aspect of food, I realized that I needed to share this information with you in the easiest, most digestible (see what I did there?) way possible.

The four week Conscious Eating Online program was born, in the shower, where I do all my great thinking.

End Emotional Eating

This online program is not my first rodeo. I've made (if any of you took my very first online course many years back, I'm sorry and thank you for believing in me).

I've also taken my fair share of digital courses and know what adds value, and what doesn't.

Take a look at how this course works and see if you can work it, baby.

What you will receive each week:

  • 1 Juicy Video
  • 1 Guided Meditation
  • 1 Journal Exercise

That's it. No long emails (I hate those). No feeling behind or pressured. No Facebook Group where one person is posting every five minutes.

You can do this on your own time, at your own pace. The content of this program is yours forever.

I like to walk and listen to podcasts and videos which is exactly why I changed the format of this from a PDF to audio/visual. Listen in the car each day, watch on the couch, or better yet, take me for a walk.

This program is exactly for someone who:

  • Has tried multiple diets and winds up gaining the weight back.
  • Feels out of touch with their body.
  • Overeats, under-eats, or isn't aware of what they are eating.
  • Wants a deeper connection to themselves, their bodies, and the present moment.
  • Wants to end the pendulum swing between food prison and reckless abandonment.
  • Wants to begin or continue a meditation practice but is perhaps inconsistent in their practice (or has no practice, but is open to one).

This program is definitely not for someone who:

  • Wants to do a 30-Day Cleanse.
  • Doesn't want to unearth any core beliefs about what may be holding them back.
  • Doesn't believe in meditation.
  • Wants a quick fix.
  • Isn't self motivated.
  • Doesn't find me funny or charming (at least a little).

Now it's your turn.

This is a beginner's course to dive into the essence of what conscious eating means to you. Soon, it will be your success story that I will be proud to share.

End Emotional Eating

What you will learn in this program:

Week 1

  - The difference between conscious and unconscious eating
  - How to awaken your higher wisdom guide
  - How to become the witness and make decisions from a deeper and more loving place.

Week 2

  - Practicing non-judgement on the path to food freedom
 - The process of taking inventory.

Week 3

  - How to get out of the food prison mindset
  - The underlying sabotages to eating mindfully and how to obliterate them
  - How to manage emotions and cravings

Week 4

  - Forming your daily eating ritual
  - Tips and Tricks to feel satisfied without overeating
  - What to do when all else fails and you feel completely out of control
  - How to attach massive pain to overeating
  - Healthy Eating Guidelines to help you build your food foundation

Normally I would sell a program like this for $199, but you can have lifetime access to all this information starting at just $97.

For $97 you could eat one shmancy fancy meal at a restaurant, buy some clothes that you don't feel confident wearing, or you can...

  • Take the power back from food and stop the chaos in your mind of whether to eat or not eat the cookie.
  • Free yourself from negative self talk that leaves you feeling sad, guilty, and wanting to soothe with food.
  • Be your own best friend when it comes to loving decisions about what goes into your body.
  • Become connected with yourself on a level you didn't think had anything to do with your pant size.

It's totally up to you. You could keep doing what you are doing, but you know what they say: you have to try something different if you want to get different results.

Get Started Now

100% Risk Free

If for any reason whatsoever (and my team won't even ask you why) you decide this program isn't for you, I will give you a full refund within 30 days of buying this program.

You gotta do this now to get:

  • Guidance on becoming a truly connected and conscious eater.
  • Journal entries to compliment the teachings.
  • 24/7 access on any device.
  • 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

... all starting at just $97. Click the Get Started Now button for instant access!

"Thank you so much for creating this course. I learned so much about myself these last four weeks. I will absolutely recommend the course to my friends. I can't wait for more digital coursework from you!"

- Shimrit Diner

"I've learned so many valuable takeaways from working with Carly. First, that daily self-care is crucial and worthy of every second spent on it. When I take the time for acts of self-love, I find a greater sense of peace and overall awareness in all aspects of my life. Also, that everything is connected- food, spirituality, exercise, attitude and sleep. Carly has taught me how to have more balance in my life and I'll be forever grateful."

- Courtney Hall

"Our eating habits are formed very early on in our lives, but it’s not too late to form healthier eating habits. I couldn't have made these changes without Carly as my guide."

- Ann Johnson


We realize support isn't one-size-fits all. If you feel you may need some extra support beyond the main course, one of our premium packages may be for you.

Option 1

  • Membership in the 4-Week
  • Digital Course
  • Weekly Video
  • Weekly Meditation
  • Weekly Journal Exercise
  • Lifetime Access

(it's a steal!)

Option 2

  • Everything in Option 1
  • +
  • 2 bi-weekly, 30 minute, one-to-one coaching calls

(a savings of 10%)

Option 3

  • Everything in Option 1
  • +
  • 4 weekly, 30 minute, one-to-one coaching calls

(a savings of 15%)

Have questions? Need more details? Shoot us an email: info@nutritionalwisdom.com