Virtual Group Coaching

Carly Pollack Holiday Party

Holiday amnesia. We all have it. We go into the season with the best of eating intentions. We want to look good in all of those family photos. We want once and for all to tell those new year's resolutions to go screw off! So what happens?

One holiday party is in, and we come down with amnesia. We fall right into old traps and destructive behaviors, and before we know it, we are wearing Spanx under our fat jeans and wondering when exactly we stopped caring.

This year I won't stand for it. You won't stand for it. Enough is enough! If you want to truly enjoy the holidays for the first time in your life (and by "truly," I mean enjoy your family AND feel great, too), join me as we conquer these holidays!

Be prepared. Not only will you cruise through these holidays with endless tools for navigating overeating, social eating pressure, and holiday stress, but you will also walk away with a deeper understanding of how psychology affects behavior. You will no longer be stuck "knowing better but not doing better."

You don't have to choose between food prison and reckless abandonment. You will find the balance between celebration and self-care with the proper support, tools, and accountability.

The need for community, coaching, accountability, and preserving health is the highest priority this time of year.

I invite you to join me in a 4-Week Virtual Group Coaching course!

Here are the details:

  • 4 Group Zoom Meetings: Tuesday evenings 7:30-8:30 PM CST (Nov 22nd, Nov 29th, Dec 13th, Dec 20th)
  • One-hour calls with about 40 min coaching, 20 minutes of Q&A
  • Homework and journal exercises… we need structure!
  • Every meeting will be recorded and sent via email if you can't make the time or want a refresher later; you can also submit questions in advance.

Bonus Extra: Free access to my online course, End Emotional Eating ($99 value)

Think of the power in coming together, taking a deep breath, and getting out of the weeds. I will bring us back to the big picture while giving real-time details of navigating the holidays without sacrificing your goals. I envision this to be a touchstone of calm and certainty for everyone!

Remember, the link between accountability and success is irrefutable.