Feed Your Soul Hey, I wrote a book!

Are you daydreaming of sticking both hands into the melted chocolate fountain at Whole Foods and shoveling liquid chocolate down your throat?

Are you simultaneously wishing you had a smaller ass?

If you have a love/hate relationship with food, you're not alone. Most of us don’t know how to eat in a way that fosters a healthy relationship with food. While this has done wonders for the diet and supplement industry, it's left an emerging generation of women feeling frustrated, bloated and on a search for something that will finally set them free from the prison of chronic dieting.

This is unlike any “diet” book you have read in the past. It gives you a real-life strategy for learning how to tune into the conscious eater within. Dieting will never solve the problem of being unhappy and out of balance with your health. We need honest, authentic and blunt answers to why we can’t stop the rollercoaster of binge eating and restrictive dieting.

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This book will show you how to:
  • + Establish a simple set of guidelines for healthy eating
  • + Examine and neutralize the stories you tell yourself
  • + Release yourself from the prison of dieting, while still eating in a way that fosters your vision for your highest health (and ideal body)
  • + Retrain neural pathways in order to attach pleasure to positive behaviors
  • + Uncover the root cause of all diet sabotage
  • + Practice the ten pillars of Conscious Eating
  • + Incorporate life-changing tools on how to return to a place of mental peace and joy so you don’t eat your feelings
  • + Erase poor body image and negative self-talk
  • + Practice daily visualizations and affirmations for weight loss
  • + Push past the daily resistance you feel to taking consistent action
  • + Make permanent change
  • + Connect losing weight to inner fulfillment

What the readers are saying:

Feed Your Soul is clearly the gift of a wise woman who has penetrated the illusions that lead millions to an endless, frustrating relationship with diets... With Carly's guidance and support, you will learn not only to eat for your unique, individual needs but also to love, honor and respect yourself.

– Paul Chek, founder of CHEK Institute

Carly's book is a true transformational resource for anyone desiring to improve their health and lose weight for the last time. She nails the root of our eating woes: the uncontrolled voice in our head. The tools in this book will set you on a path to food freedom, disease prevention, and a higher quality of life.

– Alex Carrasco, MD, Founder of Nourish Medicine

I love Carly's new book, Feed Your Soul. It is a real, humbling guide to help you unearth the truth about your relationship with food and your body, as well as the most important relationship you will ever have - the one with yourself.

– Rebecca Campbell, Hayhouse author of Light is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise

This hilarious book will guide you to achieve success in the most important aspects of your life. A game changer for anyone stuck in old patterns who desperately wants more for themselves.

– Lauren Fitzgerald, MD

Carly’s book is well-written, informative, and—if you follow her guidance—life changing. Her vast knowledge about nutrition and how the body works, along with her tough love ( emphasis on love heart) has helped me change my life. I now eat the food that loves me back and I am grateful for her guidance. Take the time to get and read this wonderful book and you too will be able to start on a new path toward health without deprivation.

– Amazon Reader

Carly is witty, funny and no-nonsense -- she tells it like it is. She provides insight that will help you put into action behavior for outcomes you desire. She has series knowledge about how the body and mind work, and has real science behind her recommendations. At the same time, she helps teach how to establish a healthy, not-so-serious, relationship with food and eating so you can truly enjoy life and the pleasure that eating well can give. Read the book, do the exercises, and take that first step to a healthy body, mind and inner peace!

– Anna Vander Broek

Love Pollack's (a certified clinical nutritionist) style, which is personal, funny, yet practical and a pep talk all at the same time. She talks about her own experiences with dieting and how we have to show ourselves compassion. She ends with a prayer for her reader and a list of foods to include in your diet and foods to avoid. Rarely do I read a book on nutrition that I can't put down and will return to again and again as a reference.

– Mary Langer Thompson

What I love most about this book is that it isn't some trendy "follow the latest trend to lose weight instantly" book. It is a book that really delves into developing a healthy relationship with food. This in itself truly is what sets it apart from the rest. It is about building a lifelong relationship with food that promotes balance and health. Her writing style is entertaining and engaging, making it an easy read (even as a busy working mom). I am so happy that I decided to invest in myself by taking the time to read this book. It will not disappoint.

– Krista Armbruster

This book was also entertaining and easy to read and feels like I can realistically incorporate the tips into my life.

– Amazon Reader

This is not a diet book. For me, this book is about my relationship with food and which one of us (me or food) is in charge. I have been chewing through the material slowly and seeing huge shifts in my cravings and my behavior. I recommend this book to anyone who feels like he or she has no will power and is constantly losing the food battle. That was me, but this book has helped me rewrite that narrative.

– Taline Manassian

Not your mother’s diet book! I laughed, I cried, I faced some truths. I’ll re-read with a notebook to do the interactive journal exercises. Loved it!

– Amazon Reader

This book is like a conversation with your witty friend who has your best interests at heart. Carly is truly getting to the root cause of how to change your overall health by changing your behavior and the way you think about food and yourself. Its a good read not just for those looking to lose weight and change the way they eat, but also for those who are already doing so!

– Amazon Reader

I read a lot of books geared towards making me better at life and pretty much read exclusively nonfiction. I have never had more breakthroughs or more clarity around my patterns than when I read this book. It’s really easy fun read that you’ll want to revisit.

– Faith Sams

I have read just about every diet book out there and then they sit on my shelf. Carly's down-to-earth and real life approach have encouraged me to do the work and get clear about what is holding me back. I can't wait to see how my perspective and my body changes.

– Amy Beth Antonacci

Fantastic and funny read that provides deep insight, practical takeaways, actionable steps, all wrapped in a well laid format. Carly has such a down-to-earth voice that helps make it all digestible. Equal parts funny and real, I found myself gaining insight from her personal stories and examples, and used the prompts at the end of each chapter to really cement it in.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the layout of the book. Each chapter has it's main content, followed up by a "Skimmer's Delight" which breaks down all the takeaways from that chapter, and then a "Make It Stick" section where she guides you through prompts designed to make you question your beliefs and put action behind knowledge.

Though this book is far from my normal business reads, I'm so glad I took the time to read something for ME. I gained even more tools from this book that will be applicable in business, relationships, and sports.

Book/Cover/Feel : 4/5
Content: 5/5
Layout of info: 7/5!

Overall, glad I grabbed a copy and looking forward to seeing what my friends think too. P.S. The book is worth getting just for the Appendix in the back!

– Amazon Reader

Carly knows her stuff. She believes in science and holistic health. She also understands that the root of unwanted weight isn't based in counting calories or cutting carbs or grains or fasting for weeks at a time; it's in one's relationship with food. Honest to god, she changed my life by helping me change my perspective, and I can't thank her enough for that. BUY THIS BOOK. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

– Amazon Reader

What I love about this book is that it helps you tackle the underlying stories we tell ourselves that stand in the way of our losing weight. It's not just about what to eat (or not to eat) or counting calories. This book shows you how to embrace a healthier way of life, and improve your mental and physical health in the process.

– Beth Wolfson

FEED YOUR SOUL is a thoughtful and inspiring book about eating mindfully and staying fit.

Carly’s warm, humorous and authentic voice encourages the reader to explore and recognize negative food habits and behaviors. One thing she said in the book that particularly resonates with me is, “Love food that loves you back.” I have struggled with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and because of this, I have many issues surrounding food. I know what to eat but so often I don’t. Carly breaks down why so many of us fail at “dieting” and she provides steps and activities to overcome undesired habits. The book is clear and concise and is full of practical advice for everyone who is not thrilled about their relationship to food.

– Elizabeth Martin

An excellent book on integrating your spirit, mind, and your physical. I have lost 10 pounds using the points Calry shares. It is about a lifestyle change while being mindful of what your needs truly are. Each day can be different, however, with intention, journaling, and using the other tools shared. Success can happen.

– Monique Chapman

Great book! It's a quick read with just the right amount of fun thrown in. There are action items at the end of each chapter which are helpful, not just with healthy food and exercise choices, but with a healthy mindset, too. Ultimately, you must believe in your worth and your capabilities before you can embark on real change. Carly is great at breaking down the steps to get you there.

– Amazon Reader

Since I was a teenager I have tried every "diet" on the planet constantly stressing about my weight. But at my ripe old age of 45 I have FINALLY realized that I needed to try something different! Carly is funny and uses great examples to really help me understand her points.

– Amazon Reader

Carly does a fantastic job explaining how feeding the soul is the most important part of success. If you love and accept yourself, if you imagine the best version of yourself you are much closer to being happy and healthy than some quick diet. Carly walks you through the mental strategies as well as science behind this game. She is real and witty. Must read for anyone on a self healing journey.

– Zehra Fidan

Whether you are into the latest fad diets or not, you should read this book to learn what those fad diets may not teach you--the science and spirituality component to nutritional health, weight loss and more. This book is a great stand-alone body of knowledge, but also a great addition to what you may already be doing. Transforming your eating habits starts with re-learning what and how to eat, and why. Carly's advice is straightforward, easy-to-understand and do-able.

– Lisa Schultz

I was surprised at how relatable the information in this book is to matters in my life spanning far beyond food. This book does an amazing job analyzing and attacking the mental obstacles that we face every day. The discussion of healthy mental control and techniques has enabled me to progress in matters ranging from handling my 2-year-old to focusing on what matters most in business.

– Aric Denton

This book is great! What I love about its not one of those cookie cutter "eat this, not that" type book. Instead, it helps your address your underlying stories that we tell ourselves, or excuses we have. If you've struggled time and time again, and are finally ready to change your way of thinking when it comes to weight loss, buy this book, you won't regret it!

– Vanessa

This is just not another diet book- but rather a life book. Carly does a great job of keeping you laughing, but thinking deeply, and gives you practical tools to make changes in your life that can deepen your joy. I will recommend this to my patients and friends!

– Dr. Emily Gutierrez

This book is life changing. It is not a diet book, not a book promising quick changes with little dedication. It will create change that is authentic and long-lasting.

– Kim

Yes, this book is about losing weight - but it is also about so much more! It is about identifying the thought and behavior patterns that lead us into making unproductive decisions about our health, and changing those thought patterns at their root. This book has a no-nonsense style balanced with plenty of compassion. It's a breath of fresh air and a must-read for anyone who wants to improve not only their health but also their entire outlook on life.

– Amazon Reader

Feed Your Soul will help you find a new way of thinking about your relationship with food. This book is essential if you have done all types of "diets" with little success. Feed Your Soul will guide you to understand the emotions you may have about eating and living a healthier lifestyle. Carly helps you understand the stories you have told yourself about food and weight loss through her charming wit and funny, relatable experiences. This book is easy to read and I had several "aha" moments while I read this book. It is definitely worth reading and working through the reflective questions and exercises.

– Amazon Reader

The book is so carefully written, beautifully laid out (I loved the chapter summaries, Skimmers Delight), and one I have been already talking about with my friends. Thank you, Carly! Already looking forward to the next one…

– Lauren Deaton