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I'm in the business of making permanent health changes, which is the result you'll see with my most popular 4-week online program End Emotional Eating.

Not the "accept where you are" change, but the "want something so badly that you are willing to do the deep, emotional work" kind of change.

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About everything really, but I keep my blog to just the "A-list" material on health, growth, self-development, food, and helping you make changes that last far beyond a diet.

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Want even more? You must grab my book, "Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled" for the full story. Buy one for your bestie while you’re at it!

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Testimonials Before & After

Working with Carly was one of the most influential & powerful decisions I’ve ever made.

Working with Carly was one of the most influential and powerful decisions I've ever made. She started as my coach and is now a mentor. I was looking for a health coach to help me lose weight, improve my digestion and gain accountability. What I left with was an entirely new mindset, my first respectful relationship with food, the balance of being social and healthy at the same time, and the head space to finally think about everything outside of food (besides when I'm eating!). Calling the journey Carly set me on a "success story" is an understatement when I look at where I started to where I've grown. I'm forever changed physically, mentally and spiritually!

- Lauren Deaton