Control The Voice in Your Head

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I suffered from tremendous anxiety growing up. I tried to control everything in an effort to feel safe. I became a perfectionist and drove myself crazy with constant worrying. I created so much internal chaos that it became unbearable. My mind was constantly on overdrive, and I had to find a way out. That is when I started using food and drugs as a way to control my mind. As you can guess, that created its own set of consequences.

I knew I needed a change, so I signed up for a meditation course. At one of our group sessions, I was rattling on obsessively about my worry of the moment. My teacher looked at me and with a calm intensity said, "Carly, you don’t have to believe everything you think. " It sounds simple, yet it floored me. I'd been listening to this voice inside my head for so long;

I'd forgotten that I even had a choice about what to do with these toxic thought patterns. From then on, I started to question everything that I was thinking, and slowly it opened a spiritual path for me to re-write the story of every single thing I believed in.

Controlling The Voice In Your Head is an e-guide to help you start your path to stress elimination and gain total control over your life experience. It is the beginning of your search for the truth, that which enables you to reach a state of genuine mind and body freedom.

I’d like to challenge you to erase all of your beliefs about how you see the world and how it does or doesn’t serve you. Instead, allow yourself to step into a new way of thinking when it comes to creating the life you truly want.