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Metabolism Secrets That No One Has Told You

July 19, 2018

Boosting Metabolism

I don't need you to work hard for little reward. In fact, I want quite the opposite.

I want you to get away with the most while doing the least.

If you want that too, you are going to have to keep your metabolism revved up.

You might have heard before that the metabolism is like a calculator:

Calories In - Calories Out = Weight Loss

No, no, no. The body is way too smart and complicated for that.

There are all sorts of factors that play into how well your metabolism works, beyond what you eat and how you move.

Follow these tips below and make sure you are a fat burning mach-ine.

1. Go 12 hours without eating every night (for example: stop at 7pm, start at 7am).

Just as your body needs rest, so does your digestive system. This 12 hour fast will allow your body to access stored fat for fuel. Follow this rule and watch your metabolism rev up, plus improving your digestive system.

2. Vary up your workout.

I agree, making time to workout should be enough, but this is one of the only areas where the body doesn’t want consistency. If you love to run five days a week then I suggest you step out of your comfort zone and go to a new class. We tend to get in a rut of doing what works for us, but the body needs different stimulus in order to grow and get stronger. Need some inspiration? Follow my Fitness Friday shenanigans on FB and Instagram.

*If you are a heavy exerciser, try taking a week off and using that time to walk and stretch. You will come back stronger and leaner, I promise!

3. Drink lemon water in the morning.

Where do I even begin? The benefits are endless! I always encourage my clients to drink a cup of warm lemon water in the morning - glass of warm water + half organic lemon juice squeezed in - in order to help flush toxins from the liver, improve digestion and immunity, as well as increase your metabolism (more bile means more fat burning).

4. Sleep 8 hours a night.

You gotta get those ZzZzZz’s, Wisdom Seekers! Your body needs a good rest every night to properly function every day. My tip for all of you who find this challenging is to start consistently getting to bed 15 minutes earlier a week until you are where you need to be, which is going to bed at 10pm with this grandma and her cat.

5. Drink 1/2 your body weight in water- so cheesy, but hear me out!

FACT: Drinking the proper amount of water a day can increase your bodies metabolism up to 30%.

BONUS: According to Dr. Mercola, not only does drinking water improve your metabolism, it aids in the proper digestion of foods, makes your skin glow, improves circulation and detoxifying your organs. Drink up, Wisdom Seekers. Not so fast though: make sure the water you are drinking is purified and clean. Find out more deets on that here.