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My Secret To Feeling Great Right Now

And it's free

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The Most Important Life Lesson About Body Image

This is a game-changer

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Why You Should Eliminate “Should” From Your Vocabulary

See what I did there?!

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The Best Mind Trick For Getting Through The Holidays

Try this and see what happens...

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What I Learned From Lady Gaga

Last week I went on a girl's trip to Vegas...

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3 Steps to Emotionally Protect Yourself from The News

Take action and get out of fear

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How To Surrender For A Stress Free Life

Three questions to ask yourself to get back into your place of surrender and flow

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What Is At The Root Of Your Emotional Eating?

I wrote this email to a client when she was struggling and I’m sharing it with you just in case this is exactly what you need to hear…

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Why I Take Cold Showers

Why this 30 second trick will change your day (and your life)!

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