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Pillars of Pleasure

March 11, 2021

Brooke Cagle 65601 Unsplash

Feeling unfulfilled lately?

If you’re feeling ‘blah’ and can’t shake this undercurrent from your day-to-day, it’s likely a matter of time before you’re reaching for things that feel good in the short term, but

1) don’t last long because they were never getting you the fulfillment you really need, and

2) likely come with unwanted consequences. I hope something you’re choosing has already stuck out to you in your head, but if not, here are some examples:

  • Food
  • Booze
  • TV
  • Online shopping
  • Mindless scrolling on social media (who, me?)

So what to do to shake this? I’ve got you. Grab a pen and watch this video for a guide on getting unstuck and starting a new pattern.

With everything we've been through in the last year, it feels like forever since we've been able to do the things we used to do to feel good. As with everything, we need to adapt, accept, and practice gratitude for what we can do and celebrate the little things. Watch the video and grab that damn pen before you talk yourself out of it and find yourself staring into space in the pantry. xo