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When You Burn Fat, Where Does It Go?

What really happens when we burn fat?

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"Hey, it's me, your body! I need to tell you something..." - Decoding Your Body's Signals About Your Health

The human body is very wise. It first speaks to you in whispers, which may seem like nagging or annoying symptoms. Ignore these whispers, and your body's communication will only get louder and that can look like debilitating symptoms or disease.

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Batch Cooking

Don't Have Enough Time to Cook, Here's Your Answer

How can we make health a priority when we feel crunched for time?

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Watch Now: Is This MCT Oil Craze Really Legit?

MCT oil is good for the gut and helps you burn fat!

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Want Things To Do In Austin Besides Eating?

Why is it that every time friends and family come to Austin, I find myself on a Mexican and BBQ food tour?

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My Favorite Cookie Recipe

My favorite thing to bring to any event (besides salad, always bring the salad) are these Cookie Dough Bites - check out the cute video below to see how easy they are to make.

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