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"Hey, it's me, your body! I need to tell you something..." - Decoding Your Body's Signals About Your Health

October 26, 2018

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It starts as a whisper...

...but if you ignore the warning signs, it will quickly get louder!

The human body is very wise. It first speaks to you in whispers, which may seem like nagging or annoying symptoms.

"Hey, something's not quite right in here!" If you ignore these whispers, your body's communication will only get louder over time and that can look like debilitating symptoms or disease ("I haven't pooped in three days!").

Here's the low down:

Your Nails: think vitamin and mineral deficiency

  • White spots: these can signify a zinc deficiency, which means an overall mineral deficiency in the body
  • Ridges: this can be due to age, or poor nutrition (see above photo on the right)
  • Yellowish nails: can be tied to a fungal infection
  • Pitted nails: little craters in your nails can be connected to eczemaThin nails: if your nails are thin and peel, this is due to vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Pale nails: can signify anemia
  • Missing lunae: do you see the little white moons at the base of your nails? Most people at least have them on their thumbs, but they may missing on the rest of the fingers. This can be an indicator of low thyroid function.

Action Steps:

  1. Test for fungal infections and vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  2. Women: start supplementing with a high-quality prenatal vitamin and mineral
  3. Missing lunae in conjunction with thyroid symptoms: test thyroid function using a temperature test or blood work

Your Hair:
think hormonal imbalance

  • Excessive hair loss or balding (women): hormonal imbalance and can also be a strong signal for iron deficiencies in pre-menopausal women
  • Dandruff: this condition can be linked to a fungal infection in the body
  • Excess facial hair (women): too much sugar, caffeine, or stress can send the adrenals into overdrive and increase facial hair

Action Steps:

  1. Check the function of your thyroid and adrenal glands via temperature testing and blood work
  2. Cut out sugar and caffeine
  3. Manage stress

Your Skin: think gut issues

  • Bumps: bumps around the hair follicles in the skin may mean you need to increase your vitamin A and C, zinc, and essential fatty acids
  • Fluid retention: especially around the eyes or ankles can signify kidney damage or inadequate thiamine
  • Age spots: these are caused by free-radical damage to cells, resulting in accumulation of cellular waste. Avoid processed foods and increase your antioxidants (fruits and veggies!).
  • Rosacea (red cheeks): this can be from an allergic response, a vitamin B deficiency, or a sign of low hydrochloric acid in the stomach

Action Steps:

  1. Start supplementing with a high-quality probiotic
  2. Let us get you a stool analysis to check for parasites, bacteria and candida
  3. Address possible food intolerances

Your Tongue:
think liver overload

  • Need a visual? Google image search "candida tongue" - 'nuff said.
  • Yellowish coating: indicates a tired, toxic liver
  • White coating: indicates bacteria, fungus or parasites in the gut

Action Steps:

  1. Don't just buy a tongue scraper! Your tongue and gut are connected too. Take a probiotic, drink more water, and look at your tongue every morning and address based on the chart above.

Your Eyes: think vitamin and mineral deficiency

  • Dry eyes: you're lacking sparkle if you need omega-3 oils, vitamin A, and zinc
  • Night blindness: difficulty seeing at night? This is associated with vitamin A deficiency
  • Puffy, dark, inflamed, or wrinkles under eye: these can all be allergic reactions, or an indicator of kidney problems
  • Sensitivity to bright lights: this is a signal of drained adrenals due to high stress on the body
  • Jittery eyes: thiamine deficiency (common in alcoholics)

Action Steps:

  1. Supplement with high-quality products
  2. Drink more water
  3. Address possible food allergies

I know this isn't easy, and most of us think something strange about our bodies is "normal" but that's not always the case. If any of this resonates with you, or if you have other questions, reach out and get coaching to get you in your peak physical state.