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Watch Now: The Most Important Part of Weight Loss

January 24, 2019

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With the launch of my new book, "Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom To Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled", I sat down to answer some of the most frequently asked questions around weight loss, my favorite tips and tricks, and why I felt I needed to write another health book in an already saturated industry.


This isn't your mother's book on getting healthy. My childlike humor aside, watch the video below to find out why Feed Your Soul is so important for this generation and what the most important component of weight loss is...


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What an amazing day! Thank you to everyone who came to my talk. I know you had a ton of choices and I’m glad you picked me. 
I loved meeting each of you to sign your books and I sent you each a silent prayer that you feed your soul and live life fulfilled 💋 #sxsw2019
When how I look determines whether or not I feel worthy of love, acceptance, or praise, I feel like crap. My mind tells me that only a flat stomach, small thighs and toned arms are the standard of my beauty, of my “enough”ness.

When how I feel is determined by all of the loving things I tell myself about my imperfect body, I feel whole, grounded and at peace. It motivates me to do more good things for my body, like exercise, eating well, drinking more water. I do these things out of love, not fear, because my worthiness is no longer a factor.
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