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Watch Now: The Most Important Part of Weight Loss

January 24, 2019

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With the launch of my new book, "Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom To Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled", I sat down to answer some of the most frequently asked questions around weight loss, my favorite tips and tricks, and why I felt I needed to write another health book in an already saturated industry.


This isn't your mother's book on getting healthy. My childlike humor aside, watch the video below to find out why Feed Your Soul is so important for this generation and what the most important component of weight loss is...


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Old ways won't open new doors. Your journey to health is straight ahead, not behind you.
Your body is a physical reflection of how much you respect, love, and care for yourself. 💗

At the same time, I believe that the plate right in front of you is a reflection of your inner emotional state. ⠀
Looking down and seeing a sh***y pile of nachos? A handful of crackers as you stand in your pantry? You aren't feeling so hot... emotionally speaking. ⠀
Feeling better and eating better starts with small steps. It can be as simple as starting with some #beautiful plates, sitting down and taking the time to consciously eat what's in front of you. Even if it is that last slice of leftover #pizza!

Need help? I've been there and would love to talk - DM me!⠀
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At Home Soba Noodle Bowl 🤩🍥🥢
Soba #noodle bowl + 6 minute egg + radishes, scallions, cilantro and a ton of greens! Hit it with some Sriracha, kimchi, and white sesame seeds for some extra flavor 🙌
Add a squeeze of #lemon (#vitamin C) to your cooked greens to increase your absorption of iron. 💪🏼❤️ #themoreyouknow
What is more #jersey, my nails or my sunnies? #jerseygirl #statenisland can't escape my roots