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Why You Need a Coach, Even If You Aren't Stuck

January 10, 2019

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A while back I heard something that really stuck with me…

“It’s not all about being a well-rounded individual, it’s about being on a well-rounded team.”

What if I want to be good at everything?! Of course, it’s possible to constantly develop your skills and talents, but nobody is a 10 out of 10 with everything. Some talents come naturally to us (thank God) but I encourage you to ask yourself: who’s on your personal development team? It might be at your workplace, or a spouse or someone finally teaching you to play the guitar that’s just been sitting there…

Take a step back and really evaluate who’s on your well-rounded team. Do you even have a team? Is it well-rounded (no, your happy hour co-workers probably don’t qualify)? Where could you grow? I feel more than confident telling you that no matter what your goals are, you need a coach. If you want to get started, improve, or just keep going, a coach is going to get you to whatever your next level could be.

Coaching is totally an investment. Not just financially, but it’s a time commitment. It’s also an investment in vulnerability. It can be tough to ask for help, receive feedback, and let someone in to help you change at the deepest level.

I understand all this, but here’s why I truly believe you need a coach to help you reach your full potential.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

There’s one area we all need help with: our own blind spots. The big picture! You might not even see the challenges in your way, and if you do, you might not know how to fix them. While you’re doing the hard work in the day to day tactical changes, you need someone to help you look out for what’s out of focus around you, or even what’s up ahead. Coaches are your external eyes and ears, making sure you stay focused on the fundamentals when life gets crazy and help you anticipate what’s around the corner. Boo!

You’re not getting better anymore.

Maybe you’ve had a coach in the past and killed it! Maybe you’re even maintaining your weight or the skills to play the complex chords you learned. But potential is all about how good you’re going to be. There’s always a next level.

It takes those outside eyes and ears to help build on your strengths and address your weaknesses to get you there. Growth and progress is a basic human need! Whether it’s your business, your relationships, your health, you name it: if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

You haven’t yet found a coach who walks the walk.

Coaching is about growth and development. This is as true for soccer coaches as it is for spiritual coaches. Whoever you choose to be your coach should be not only a professional in their field (this is defined as someone who is able to continuously grow their expertise independently) but coaches need coaches! For all the reasons listed here, every single one of the coaches on my world-class team has their own coach, myself included. If you’re reading this and are a coach of any kind and you don’t have some type of coaching in your life, you need to remedy this. Like, today.

You need accountability.

Someone to help you measure results, set realistic goals, show you the next step, and make sure you don’t plateau. It’s also likely you might get worse before you get better, and it’s profoundly important to have someone there to give you the perspective to keep going. Accountability can feel synonymous with micromanaging. If that’s been your experience, you need a better coach.

You probably don’t do this all day... every day…

Yes, there’s tons of schooling and certifications that go into becoming a professional, but it’s the coaches who live and breathe this all day, every day that are far more valuable. You can read every single book under the sun about a topic, but unless you’re a professional you don’t have the time to literally sit with a topic 24/7. Do you know how long it takes me to grocery shop!? If I see any new product, healthy or not, you know I’m blocking up the aisle doing research.

Think of searching on Google. Sure, you can search for “healthy recipes” or “top protein powders” and read your heart out, but what about aspects of your health you had no idea to even look for!? When was the last time you Googled: “is clenching my teeth at night a sign of parasites?” Spoiler alert: it is.

Also, we’re human. Change is not all logistics or things you can read in a book. A good coach not only prepares you for the tactical expectations but also holds a space for the emotional and mental obstacles that come with making any change. Especially the biggies… (health, cough cough).

You need a teammate to commiserate with and to celebrate with.

We need community! There are likely aspects of your life where you want to grow, but can’t find someone already in your circles that is willing to take the plunge with you. Individual coaching doesn’t fulfill every aspect of a larger community, but it does connect you with someone who can bring you into different circles.

Celebration is another huge part of growth that gets overlooked when you’re a lone wolf. It’s not everyone who wants to wear a sign saying, “I lost 10 lbs so far” or “I haven’t had diarrhea in months and I’m a new person!” But how amazing is it to have a teammate to truly celebrate with you, without the stigma of “bragging” or sharing too much info?! It’s fricking amazing. I know, because I have the best job in the world and get to share in these celebrations daily.

That’s the thing about great coaches. We’re on your team, too.

I hope this gives you some things to think about, especially during this “new year, new me” season! If you have questions or know you’re ready to grow your personal team reach out to us here and I can introduce you to the best coaches in the world.


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