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Feel Good About Your Beauty Routine: A Guide to Nontoxic Makeup and Beauty Products

November 29, 2018

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Within 30 minutes of waking up, you may have already exposed yourself to a barrage of toxins. We know we “should” get better quality beauty products, but where do you even start?

Well, allow this body care snob to be your official guide in all things hippie-tastic.

If you need a refresh, gift ideas for friends, or even ideas to ask for yourself this year (mom, please stop buying me socks), let me help make sure what you’re getting is high quality for that killer bod of yours.


You come into contact with a barrage of toxins every day, from the air you breathe to the furniture you sit on (did you just clench those tight buns too?!). These toxins expose you to a laundry list of health problems from hormonal issues to cancer. I say this not to freak you out but to inspire you to take action! You might not (individually) be able to change the number of pharmaceuticals in the water or the pollution in the air but you can control what you put on or in your body.

The U.S does not regulate beauty products. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that 34% of products have chemicals associated with cancer, 45% have chemicals associated with reproductive or developmental toxins, 60% have estrogenic chemicals that will mess with your hormones and cause everything from aggressive puberty in little girls to breast cancer.

To wrap this message up in a little holiday bow, there is some toxic stuff in your body care products!


There are hundreds of toxic chemicals in body care (and makeup), too many to list here. Plus, no matter how many times I’ve read through the list of the top offenders, when I read the back of body care products I can’t remember what I’m supposed to be avoiding. For this reason, I look for clean products rather than trying to see if my old go to’s pass the test (which, odds are, they don’t, Suave Shampoo from the 90’s).


1. If you have products that you absolutely love, start checking their ingredients against the EWG's skin deep database or use their mobile app. Replace them as you can with safer products. I run any new product I want to buy through the database if I’m unsure.

2. Use less! The truth is drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of vegetables, getting enough rest, and remembering that you are enough is the most powerful way to look and smell your best. “What new scent are you wearing, it’s amazing!” “Oh, it’s confidence, you like it?”

3. Transition to clean products little by little. Start with the products that you use most often and on large surfaces like soap, body wash, body lotion, and deo for your BO.

With demand increasing, there are tons of amazing, healthy, reputable product companies out there, far more than I can list here. Below are just some of my favorites at two price points.

Healthonista on a budget:
Healthonista who likes to spendonista:

When I’m procrastinating, I love to go on The Detox Market and put a bunch of stuff in my cart and then not buy it, although yesterday I finally pulled the trigger on the dermaplaning device that is really just a razor for women. If you notice stubble on my next video I will promptly return it.

Do you have a clean product that I must start using on my soon to be fuzzless face? Please let me know! Head over to my facebook page and tell me there.

Can't wait to hear from you!




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When how I look determines whether or not I feel worthy of love, acceptance, or praise, I feel like crap. My mind tells me that only a flat stomach, small thighs and toned arms are the standard of my beauty, of my “enough”ness.

When how I feel is determined by all of the loving things I tell myself about my imperfect body, I feel whole, grounded and at peace. It motivates me to do more good things for my body, like exercise, eating well, drinking more water. I do these things out of love, not fear, because my worthiness is no longer a factor.
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