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I've Done Your Holiday Shopping For You

December 06, 2018

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I truly love giving gifts (it’s my love language)... but it feels like people have everything they want already and I don’t want to buy just to buy.

To help save you time (so you can use it for your self-care) I’m straight up sharing my go-to list of healthy gifts that people actually want and need! Feel free to use this for your friends and family, or for your letter to Santa or Mensch on a bench.

More importantly - what're your go-to gifts for healthy people!? I am always wanting to expand my list and would love your ideas. Comment below, leave a post on social media, hook a sista up!

Disclaimer: none of the below are ads. All the products I listed below are my personal favs, although any company reading this please feel free to send me money for no reason whatsoever!


I cannot say enough good things about the amazing Hay House Children’s Books. The modern spiritual teachers have written this series of children’s books that are not just for kids. I pretty much learn something from each beautiful book. Not sure what that says about my level of enlightenment, but it’s probably because I’m so child-like and pure of heart...


They’ve likely had you over for a beautiful dinner ten times this year, so get them something nice! I got Olive Oil Lover’s Tasting Kit as a gift and loved it - you get to try multiple high-quality oils and feel fancy AF.

If they are a foodie, they might also like wine (I hear that’s a thing!?). If you’re going to drink you better do it right! The wines at Eco Vine Wine Club are organic, meaning they have no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Bonus: it’s not as expensive as many wine clubs either.

Clean fish is hard to find. I found Vital Choice a few years ago and have been a consistent customer since. Look at how many choices they have of wild caught, organic seafood! Any true foodie would totally appreciate a Vital Choice gift card (and save them endless trips to every Whole Foods in the area).


I buy way too many high-quality beauty products (hint: if you’re wanting to buy me a Chanukah gift) so I know what I’m talking about. I love these travel kits from Dr. Hauschka because you can mix and match depending on your own needs. My favorite product is the Rose Day Cream.


It takes one to know one: I have a cleaning addiction. Every house needs a high-quality water filter, but it takes a special someone to love a gift like this! The Berkey Water Filter removes water contaminants, heavy metals, even viruses (and is portable and easy on the eyes). Truly a life-changing gift or addition to your home.


She doesn’t need more lotion and bath bombs, ok!? If you want to win prezzie giver of the year, you gotta branch out a bit! I suggest getting her my favorite sun lamp that helps boost mood, energy, sleep (jet lag too!) to rejuvenate naturally and increase vitamin D.

Something else she might like is cryotherapy sessions, especially if she’s an athlete or experiencing inflammation. It also helps reduce skin aging, which applies to everyone! Do a quick Google search to see what’s in your area - even if you gift one session, she’ll be able to tell a difference.


So here’s a badass gift: I wrote a book. A real-life-see-it-on-the-bookshelf-at-a-real-store book. It has an appendix and everything! #momsoproud

I’m so excited about it and will be sharing more in the next few weeks.

Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled. It’s truly something I am so very proud of and felt called to do for a long time. Who better to share the announcement with than you who’s been along for the ride all along?

Cheers, happy holidays, and happy (healthy) gifting.




Old ways won't open new doors. Your journey to health is straight ahead, not behind you.
Your body is a physical reflection of how much you respect, love, and care for yourself. 💗

At the same time, I believe that the plate right in front of you is a reflection of your inner emotional state. ⠀
Looking down and seeing a sh***y pile of nachos? A handful of crackers as you stand in your pantry? You aren't feeling so hot... emotionally speaking. ⠀
Feeling better and eating better starts with small steps. It can be as simple as starting with some #beautiful plates, sitting down and taking the time to consciously eat what's in front of you. Even if it is that last slice of leftover #pizza!

Need help? I've been there and would love to talk - DM me!⠀
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At Home Soba Noodle Bowl 🤩🍥🥢
Soba #noodle bowl + 6 minute egg + radishes, scallions, cilantro and a ton of greens! Hit it with some Sriracha, kimchi, and white sesame seeds for some extra flavor 🙌
Add a squeeze of #lemon (#vitamin C) to your cooked greens to increase your absorption of iron. 💪🏼❤️ #themoreyouknow
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