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Watch Now: If You're Going to Drink Alcohol, Drink This...

The best alcohol to drink if you are going to get your drink on.

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Watch Now: Switch Up Those Salads With These...

There's no way to get sick of salad because of this hidden fact: salad is just a bunch of veggies thrown together in a bowl with things on it. You can make approximately 800 varieties.

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Watch Now: Improve Your Health in 4 Minutes

Lately, I have felt like a broken record when it comes to self-care. I have had so many clients coming to me with thyroid imbalance and fried adrenals. They can't sleep, they're unhappy and/or depressed, anxious, and scattered.

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Watch Now: Is This MCT Oil Craze Really Legit?

MCT oil is good for the gut and helps you burn fat!

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Watch Now: 3 Reasons Why You Are Failing at Dieting & How to Create Permanent Change

The 3 reasons why we fail at dieting and how to create permanent change.

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My Favorite Cookie Recipe

My favorite thing to bring to any event (besides salad, always bring the salad) are these Cookie Dough Bites - check out the cute video below to see how easy they are to make.

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Watch Now: Which Is Better, Ghee Or Butter?

What is the difference between butter and ghee?

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Meditation 20Minutes

Are You Looking For a Form of Meditation to Practice?

This week's video is all about a meditation practice that's very near and dear to my heart. I resisted it for years, and one day decided I was going to jump in full force - and it's completely changed my life.

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Watch Now: Are You Past Your (Cooking Oil) Smoke Point?

How your cooking oil can become dangerous and what to use instead.

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