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Watch Now: Is This MCT Oil Craze Really Legit?

March 13, 2018

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If 2017's health buzz was going gluten-free, then 2018 has got to be the year of MCT oil and butter in your coffee.

When I first found out about MCT oil, it sounded like my new favorite health food.

  • Burn fat? Check.
  • Good for the gut? Check.
  • Finally putting to rest the lie that fat made you fat? Check!

Then I started to wonder how labs were able to naturally extract pure MCT oil without somehow modifying its natural structure.

Watch this video for a complete rundown on MCT oil. It will help you understand what it is, how it's made, and whether or not you should be adding this to your daily smoothies/coffee/tea/green juice.

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Weekly Cookup: Where I share my weekly batch cooking plan so you save time and follow my lead

My Mom’s Pasta - growing up, at least once a week my mother would make this pasta dish with fresh mozzarella, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and pasta. It was dairy-gluten goodness. Now I use spaghetti squash and chicken thighs and cut the mozzarella. If you are seriously missing the cheese, add some Parmesan Reggiano on top!

Cod Tacos - avocado, salsa, slaw, and baked cod with Mexican spices

Sausage, Kale, and White Bean Soup - I use bone broth for this recipe to make it extra nourishing

Meatballs, Crispy Potatoes, and Greens smothered in Romesco Sauce - make extra sauce, you can use it for every other thing!


What an amazing day! Thank you to everyone who came to my talk. I know you had a ton of choices and I’m glad you picked me. 
I loved meeting each of you to sign your books and I sent you each a silent prayer that you feed your soul and live life fulfilled 💋 #sxsw2019
When how I look determines whether or not I feel worthy of love, acceptance, or praise, I feel like crap. My mind tells me that only a flat stomach, small thighs and toned arms are the standard of my beauty, of my “enough”ness.

When how I feel is determined by all of the loving things I tell myself about my imperfect body, I feel whole, grounded and at peace. It motivates me to do more good things for my body, like exercise, eating well, drinking more water. I do these things out of love, not fear, because my worthiness is no longer a factor.
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At Home Soba Noodle Bowl 🤩🍥🥢
Soba #noodle bowl + 6 minute egg + radishes, scallions, cilantro and a ton of greens! Hit it with some Sriracha, kimchi, and white sesame seeds for some extra flavor 🙌
Add a squeeze of #lemon (#vitamin C) to your cooked greens to increase your absorption of iron. 💪🏼❤️ #themoreyouknow
What is more #jersey, my nails or my sunnies? #jerseygirl #statenisland can't escape my roots