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3 Steps to Emotionally Protect Yourself from The News

July 03, 2019

Roman kraft Zua2hyv T Bk unsplash

Right now I’d really appreciate a vacation from all the horrible news of what’s happening in our country and around the world. The last few years have been particularly difficult. The pressure coming from outside of ourselves can feel like an enormous weight to be added to our already full plates.

Honestly, most of the time I just want to pretend bad things aren’t happening while I focus on my inner world. It works for a little while, but then I start to feel badly because I know there’s more I could be doing. Do you feel like this too?

Where is the balance? How do we focus on the solution? How do we stay informed without constantly feeling scared?

I know if you read my blog you are also a person who cares deeply about others. You want to feel connected, but things seem out of your control. I’ve thought a lot about this, and I want to share with you the three steps I take as I find balance between doing my part and staying informed (while protecting my sanity).

I remember the difference between care and worry.

I give myself permission to care about the world and the people in it, but my worry doesn’t make the world a better place. Worry doesn’t stop bombs, protect children or rewrite history. My worry only perpetuates one of the biggest mistakes we make in life. We focus on the problem when we should be putting all our attention on the solution. I say this mantra when I find myself being consumed by worry over issues I can’t control: “I care deeply, but this situation doesn’t need my worry, it needs my love.”

Act on your convictions.

It feels so much better when you take action for what you believe in. This means being in service of some kind: volunteering with aligned organizations, donating money, or praying for those in danger are my top three.

Use your energy wisely.

Energy is like money; it comes and goes. Sometimes you have more or less, and if you don’t spend it wisely, you can end up depleted. Spend your energy wisely by thinking positively and taking action. Know when to switch gears and shut it down for the day. Sometimes the best thing at the moment is to switch into a place of gratitude and focus on what’s great in your life.

I’m always looking for organizations that I trust to donate to the causes that mean the most to me. Below I’m sharing the two that are currently on my radar, in case they inspire you to take action!

#1 Together Rising

Brene Brown has been doing a ton of activist work for the children on the border separated from their families. This organization is funding an immigration lawyer team that has access to the facilities to investigate the conditions and advocate for the over 13,000 children being detained.

#2 Women for Women International

This organization supports women survivors of war to rebuild their lives and communities after conflict. You can sponsor a sister for a monthly donation of $35 (or make a one-time donation).

I wanted to share this with you because it makes me feel so much better to follow these steps, and my mission is to help you feel as good as you possibly can!