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Cold, Flu, and Virus Care {PDF download}

September 10, 2021

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Two years ago both Tillie and I got flu B and then two weeks later because our immune systems were so weak, we both contracted flu A. I wound up in the hospital to get an IV and she then got a herpes outbreak all over her face.

We were both two hot messes.

After we recovered, I realized how out of sorts I was and that I didn’t even use so many of the tools that I had learned over the years of studying functional medicine and nutrition. When you or your kiddo gets sick, we go into such a stress response that we can’t think clearly!

With everything happening in this world lately (ahem), I selfishly wanted to put together all the information I’ve gathered into one place so that the next time someone in my family gets sick, I’m not late-night googling when to treat a fever, or how to nebulize hydrogen peroxide.

I’m sharing this guide with you in hopes that it helps you support yourself and your family when you can’t think straight!

Download the PDF here.

Please forward this to anyone you know who would appreciate having this guide. Once you read through it, let my team know how we can support you in setting up your pantry apothecary.

I have my box of go to’s ready to roll in case we start feeling under the weather, and staying a few steps ahead of whatever is ailing you is the key to minimizing severity and time under the weather. Have these things on hand and ready so you aren’t running to the store at 9 pm and settling for sub-quality brands!

If you email us and let us know what you want, we can send pricing and ship everything at once. My goal is to make it easy for you to take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Yours in health,