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I’m Getting Personal Here

May 09, 2022

Denys nevozhai z0n Vqfr Oq WA unsplash

I've written and deleted the first sentence of this email ten times. I’m nervous you’re going to judge me, or that I’ll offend you even if I don’t mean to. My commitment to you has always been to be completely transparent and to help you live your best life possible (mind, body, and spirit).

I had an abortion 15 years ago. I was irresponsible and got pregnant by accident. I was beside myself and was so thankful to have the ability to correct my course in life. I was able to move on, get married and have two beautiful children with the man I love. We have a beautiful family (I mean, have you seen my baby?!?).

I’m worried about my two girls. What if despite my best effort they wind up making a mistake? What if they need medical intervention for a failed pregnancy? Will this change the course of their lives? Will they not be able to make choices about their own bodies?

This week is Women's Health Week and I feel called to do something, anything, to support women in their health. I keep asking myself what I can do to help women own their power in health. I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to offer 10% savings on the Wellness Starter Program for anyone who feels called to make health their priority this week. Whether you are new to the program or an alumni needing a refresh, these savings apply to you.

From now until Friday, May 13, mention this email, and let’s get started! Check out the details of the program here, and call or email (512-243-7473) or to get more information.

We’re pretty busy so don’t hesitate. If this is the message you needed, reach out right now and get on our calendar. It will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself.

And if this isn’t the right time, I understand. I want you to be ready. Until then, know that every little thing is going to be alright.

PS - Oddly enough, it’s also National Food Allergy Awareness month (I don’t know who makes this official but there you go…) so I thought I would mention that food sensitivity testing is not created equally. If you have been wondering what you react to, check out the lab test we use (MRT 170) and why it’s different from the others. If you are interested in this test give us a call.