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Watch Now: 3 Ways To Have A Consistently Awesome Workout (even when you don't feel like it)

July 31, 2018

Andrew Tanglao 436401 Unsplash

But I don't wanna! I hear ya... there are many days I would rather watch Million Dollar Listing than get my butt in the gym.

Here's the thing about self-care: it's sacred. No matter how many resources or help you have, nobody can eat for you, breathe for you, sleep for you, or exercise for you. Self-care is a sacred ritual you have to prioritize for yourself.

You won't always be "in the mood" to work out, and that's ok. But you still gotta get that sports bra on (what's the comparison for guys?) and get in the right state of mind. Watch this video for my tips on getting the most out of your workouts even when you're not feeling it.

P.S. Want even more? Check out my workout videos on YouTube - imagine Rocky montage meets lululemon. ;)