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Why You Should Break Up with Coffee and What to Drink Instead

January 03, 2018

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I just found out that decaf is even worse for you than regular coffee.

This might be great news for you if you’ve been wanting an excuse to inject the real stuff into your veins on the daily… or bad news if you’re like me and love the taste of coffee but don’t want to walk around all day with a knot of coffee induced anxiety in your gut.

Just a reminder as to why you should care about finding an alternative to regular coffee:

  1. Most of us are stressed beyond what is normal, and caffeine is about the worst thing you can put in your body when you are stressed. It’s an adrenal disaster, cortisol nightmare, nervous system destroyer, healing disruptor… ok, next topic.
  2. Caffeine is extremely acidic which causes the body to leach calcium from our bones in order to balance our pH, greatly increasing our risk of osteoporosis.
  3. It dehydrates the sh*t outta you.
  4. It’s a major hormone disruptor and most of us are trying to balance some aspect of our hormones whether they regulate the thyroid, sleep, weight loss, immunity or PMS.

I promise that if I ever Debbie Downer you I will also provide you a solution to the mess (if I can, sometimes things are just depressing and I can’t do anything about it such as fries being unhealthy… why?!).

Read on to drop some knowledge at your next coffee break.

So… how does coffee become decaf?
Decafs are made by either washing or soaking the beans with harsh chemical solvents, such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate. This separates the caffeinated beans from the green coffee beans. And now you are drinking caffeine “free” poisoned beans (decaf still has 5 mg of caffeine per serving which is hardly anything, just an FYI).

So… should I just get my buzz on with normal coffee?
Not exactly (see above list of consequences).

So… what now!?
Many of my clients want an alternative for their morning ritual and they don’t want it to be lemon water. I have already raved about the company Four Sigmatic and their use of medicinal mushrooms in tea and coffee. I am super excited that they just launched decaf mushroom coffee!

What's in the Decaf Ground Mushroom Coffee?
Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Decaf* coffee from Peru
~300mg Organic Dual-Extracted Reishi per serving
~200mg Organic Dual-Extracted Chaga per serving

*Swiss Water is a super innovative, 100% chemical free decaffeination process that gently removes caffeine without the harsh chemical process that other decaf coffees undergo. Four Sigmatic uses the only decaffeination facility in the world that is certified organic by both Aurora Certified Organic and OCIA.

The caffeine is gently filtered out, leaving behind a super flavorful light-roast coffee with medicinal mushrooms that can be enjoyed any time of day without a punch to your already maxed out adrenal glands.

So… what’s with the mushrooms?
Reishi (a ‘shroom) is known for its ability to support our body’s stress response. Like a warm hug, this mushroom could help you prep for a busy day ahead (or promote a relaxed evening). It's the more female Yin to the more masculine Yang that the coffee offers.

Chaga (the other ‘shroom) reduces coffee's natural acidity and supports immune function with antioxidant properties. This is the best mushroom to pair with coffee. Enjoy it blended with nut milk, coconut oil, butter or cacao powder… or simply sip it as-is.