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Read This So You Don't Blow It Today

November 26, 2019

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It goes without saying that I’m incredibly grateful for you! I hope that you have a wonderful day spent with your family and friends and that you stay present and enjoy yourself.

Worried that you're going to eat too much or fall off the wagon? Watch this video to find out the commitments that I want you to make to yourself today. It’s an oldie but goodie and I laugh just watching myself get all hyped up about the Thanksgiving lie...

And as an early holiday bonus, I’m getting you back to basics and sharing my Conscious Eating Guidelines.

Take a looksie - which are your weakest links? What’s the next step you can take today to bring this into clearer focus?

Read this right before you sit down to your meal:

❤️ Eat only when you are physically hungry

Ask yourself before you put anything in your mouth, “am I physically hungry or is this emotional?” “What would really nourish me right now, what am I really hungry for?”

❤️ Center yourself before each meal or snack

Take three slow, deep breaths and reflect on what type of emotions you are feeling and therefore bringing to the meal. Do you feel rushed? Stressed? Bored? Tired? Clear out this energy so you can focus on the act of eating.

Repeat your daily intention before you eat: “I intend to only eat when I am physically hungry and soothe myself in other ways when I am not.”

❤️ Make space between you and the food

Before you put food in your mouth, take space to think about the reward/consequence of this behavior. If what you are about to eat is not in alignment with what you want most, pivot your energy and thoughts and redirect to make a new and better choice.

❤️ Eat and do nothing else

Focus only on the food when you are eating, focus on everything else other than food when you are not.

❤️ Love foods that love you back

Avoid foods that cause physical discomfort to the body. Honor your body’s communication system.

❤️ Eat like you are judging a Top Chef competition

Slow down and enjoy every bite!

❤️ Halfway through your meal, take a breather

Set your fork down and place your attention on something else for 5 minutes. Self-sooth by telling yourself if you are still hungry when you return to the food, you can continue eating. Your mantra: “There’s always more.”

❤️ Have a morning and evening self-care routine

Journaling, reading, and breathing allow you to stay anchored to your inner awareness and intuitive eating guide.

❤️ Check-in with your thoughts, they are the root of all behaviors

Practice thinking in a way that promotes love, compassion, and kindness. Everything else is an act against you and will only result in eating out of discomfort.

❤️ You Bite It, You Write It

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Writing your food down allows you to see patterns and make connections to why you are eating what you are eating. This is also a practice in non-judgment!

REMINDER: Make sure to journal this evening and reflect on the holiday. Don't bring any judgment to the journal, just witness and use compassion to find the deeper meaning to all that you do.