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How I Spend my Birthday

April 04, 2022

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It’s my birthday, 39, and f*cking fabulous!

In this video, I explain why I love getting older, and why it’s so important to feel excited about aging. Send it to someone you know who is dreading that number creeping up.

I know you want to run right to Nordstrom to buy me a gift, but this year I’m asking for something different. One of my best friends is going through the unthinkable: her two-year-old has stage 3 kidney cancer.

I’m asking for two things:

  1. Your prayers, because I believe in the power of prayer. Picture this beautiful blonde boy running around driving his mama and little brother crazy.
  2. She has to rehome her cats because of the risk of infection as he goes through chemo, surgery, and then radiation. Below is information about the cats. Tell everyone you know, ask your crazy cat community, foster friends, and your neighbor! This is the one thing we can do for her to take the stress off her plate and it would be the best birthday present ever to be able to help her with this.

Jasper (13 y/o male) and Mabel (9 y/o female) are wonderful/friendly cats - I've had them since they were kittens from Austin Pets Alive. We're looking for a new home because our son is going through chemotherapy and we have to keep our home extremely sterile. It's a tough decision but the safest route for our family.

They get along really well and I'd love to find a home for them together. They nap and cuddle together most of the day. Jasper loves sitting near you/in your lap if you'd like. Mabel usually comes out for pets but likes to keep her feet on the ground. They both like time "outside" - we have them on our enclosed porch sometimes to sunbathe. They don't wander or anything.

They don't do well if they are left alone for long stretches of time - if we're gone for a few weeks (of course they have a cat sitter while we're away) they get very anxious when we return and we've had some urine issues, but when their routine is not disrupted with extended travel they are just fine. We've been running into this with hospital stays.

They've been totally fine around calm dogs, but they are scared of energetic dogs (no surprise). Both will just keep to themselves but they would be more free and relaxed in a cat-only home. They are good with kids.

They don't need much! We just feed them (dry food) and clean their box daily; otherwise, they take care of themselves. They are completely up to date on their shots. We're offering money to whoever takes them to help offset food costs for at least 1 year (and any fees from this process). Thank you - I can't bring myself to take them to a shelter.

Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested!

xoxo Carly