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Make Sure You Buy These Organic

June 03, 2021

Dan cristian padure m Iy ZD Phuy Y0 unsplash

You know what this month is? It’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month.

In case that peaks your interest, you should also know it’s Aquarium Month, Candy Month, Gay and Lesbian Pride Month (this one is important!), National Iced Tea Month, Adopt a Cat Month, Turkey Lovers Month, and the ultimate holiday….Fight The Filthy Fly Month. Bueller? Bueller?

There are a few others but I was scared I would lose ya.

Because you are going to be incredibly busy celebrating all of these holidays, I thought I could make it easier by sharing the most updated Dirty Dozen list so you can make sure you are buying organic where it counts.

Check out this handy dandy chart.

I personally buy everything Organic because remember, number 13 on the list is still teaming with pesticides, fungicides, and ‘Merica’s favorite, herbicides (RoundUp is the cause for glyphosate seeping into most of our food, even our organic food).

Learn more about that here and why it’s super important that you not use herbicides or chemicals on your grass or in your backyard, how it transfers into the soil, and is contributing to the toxin overload we experience everyday living on earth in 2021 (think cancer, autoimmune, alzheimer’s…)

Even if you eat meat with every meal, I want each plate you make to be loaded with healthy and fresh plants (vegetables and fruit). We could all eat a little less meat and a little more veg.

Not all veggies are created equal, and if you find you don’t digest them well (perhaps too many raw or cruciferous veggies have you hot boxing the bed comforter at night) then try cooking your veggies to help break down the plant wall and make it easier on your system to digest. It’s also a good idea to take a deeper look into your gut microbiome and see if this communication from the body is asking you for something (enzymes, hydrochloric acid, infection removal, etc…).

Stay fresh xo