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How to Turn Your Stress Into A Gift

September 30, 2021

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Be honest: what’s your default stress reaction, and at what intensity level?

Odds are whatever you said it’s not the appropriate intensity or likely not even the appropriate emotion for all the stressors that come up in your life.

Anxiety, anger, depression, or blame (self-blame included) makes it hard to work toward a solution. It gets us stuck in the problem. And then we get stuck in the pantry.

Let’s do better, shall we? I invite you to choose one of two patterns you can practice:

  • Stress Trigger -> Hide in Primary Emotion -> Get Stuck In The Problem
  • Stress Trigger -> Feel Primary Emotion -> Use this as a Touchstone to Go Deeper…

With Option 2, you can then start asking questions and shift your story to get back to a place of peacefulness.

I share with you here the questions I ask myself to coach my mind out of anxiety… as well as a story that actually happened to me.

Here’s hoping, “what’s your primary emotion?” becomes the new “so, what’s your sign to go deeper?”