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Add a Deeper Herbal Detox to Your Food Cleanse Once a Year

January 19, 2018


Oh, how we gotta love societal conditioning! In December we need to party like rockstars... you know, eat drink and be way too merry. Then in January, we need to repent for our sins with our over the top resolutions and extreme 10 day juice cleanses. As you read this, every grocery store in America is building their wall of quick detox packets in the front of the supermarket.

One day, I may go postal and just knock it all down with one swipe... point to the poor soul next to me and then run like the wind.

I'm all for periodic detoxing, but the truth is that what we really want is permanent change.

We start a new diet, workout program, or cleanse with the hope that this time will be the time it sticks. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it won't happen without diving deeper into the inner workings of the mind.

That being said, I know you may have boozed it up a little too much this holiday season. Along with permanent change, you may also feel the need to do a little organ cleansin'.

If you are going to cleanse, I want to make sure you are meeting your body where it is and are doing it the safest way.

So, let's talk detox!

Detox 101:

  • Think of detoxing from a cellular level, all the way to excretion (yea, you know what I mean). It's a cascade effect and when you start to detox your cells, you need to make sure your detoxification systems (your lymph, blood, liver, kidneys, urinary tract, intestines) and "exits" are ready for the toxic load. Detoxing your organ systems keep the rivers flowing during this cascade, because if there is a dam or "flooding" then your body cannot handle it and you'll feel very sick. Detoxing too quickly or without opening these exits can cause permanent damage to the proteins on your cells that act as little detox "exit doors." To detox safely and effectively, you have to protect these exit doors while we expedite toxins moving... how, you ask? Keep reading, I got you!
  • Another note: we store toxins in our fat. The more toxic we become, the more fat we store and the fat we already have becomes more resistant, no matter what we eat. There are certain things our bodies just cannot process (i.e. heavy metals). When we detox, we become better able to burn fat (fewer toxins = weight loss, less pain).
  • We also need ongoing strategies that keep junk from getting into our bodies in the first place!

If you want to get healthy and stay healthy, then sign up for some coaching and start the amazing healing process of improving your relationship with food and to yourself.

If you want a safe, high quality cleanse that will target every organ in your body (not just the liver), then check out a detox like I use: QuickSilver Scientific's PushCatch. I recommend doing this once a year along with a food cleanse to get down deep into those cells. If you want to learn more and have me send you this amazing product just email me for the goods! I can give you a discount too if you mention this blog!

I trust this cleanse and know it is a safe and deep way to support your body's natural detoxification process. It can be a two-week or one-month cleanse, depending on your desired level of intensity.

Beyond Detoxing - How to Minimize Toxic Burden:

  • Buy high quality HEPA air filters for the house and change them often.
  • Use natural body care and household products.
  • My favorite skin care brands include Weleda, Avalon Organics, Hugo, Dr. Hauschka, Mineral Fusion, Climb on Creme, Mychelle, Alaffia, and Giovanni.
  • My favorite household products include Green Mission, GreenShield Organics, Whole Foods 365, ECover, Mrs. Meyers, Sun & Earth, Orange Plus, Earth Friendly Products and Seventh Generation.
  • Drink tons of purified water. We love Reverse Osmosis water. You can fill up a jug at Whole Foods or purchase a home filter online. If you live in Austin, call Hal Strickland (512-363-3965) and he will come install one for you! RO filters also remove key minerals from the water, so be sure to add a pinch of high quality sea salt to your bottle before drinking.
  • Eat organic as much as possible.

Happy and Healthy New Year!