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Recovering from Vacation Indulgence: Do These 8 Things

June 20, 2023

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We've all experienced it before: returning home from a delightful vacation, carrying fond memories (some perhaps hazy) and an unexpected 3-7 pounds that seem to have magically settled on our backsides.

Panic sets in as we realize that all the hard work we put into getting "vacation ready" over the past month has seemingly unraveled within a few short days. In a rush, we contemplate resorting to juice cleanses or crash diets, desperately hoping to erase the evidence of our food binge as if it never occurred.

You know what?

It's perfectly okay.

That persistent gas you experienced throughout the trip due to dairy consumption?

It's okay.

The temporary disruption in your digestion from consuming gluten?

It's okay.

The fact that your pants feel a bit snug around the waist?

It has to be okay.

Over the years, I've cultivated a deep connection with my inner wisdom when it comes to eating. I know that I will continue to prioritize my health and physical activity throughout my life. A slight detour here and there doesn't plunge me into a cyclone of fear, shame, and self-doubt. In fact, I eagerly look forward to sipping my rejuvenating green juice, returning to the gym, and preparing nourishing meals in my own kitchen. Embracing a healthy lifestyle is my choice, driven by a desire to thrive—not a form of punishment for any perceived imperfections.

The reason we tend to panic over those extra pounds gained during vacation stems from a lack of trust in ourselves on a deeper level. We doubt that we will eventually return to a state of intuitive eating—eating guided by our higher selves and inner wisdom. Beneath this fear lies a belief that we aren't truly worthy, strong, or determined enough to sustain permanent weight loss. We're led to believe that restrictive dieting is the only path back to what we perceive as "normality" or "sanity."

In the past, I would be frantically scrambling post-vacation, adhering to the strictest of rules in an attempt to "get back on track" towards health and the elusive perfect body.

Not anymore.

I understand that the pendulum only swings from one extreme to another.

So, how can we bounce back from a vacation indulgence?

Step 1: Relish in the culinary delights and savor them mindfully. Avoid overindulgence and honor your body's cues of hunger and fullness.

Step 2: Upon returning home, reflect on your eating habits during the past week. Identify any learning opportunities that may arise. If you feel you went too far, explore the reasons behind it and create a plan for future occasions.

Step 3: Release the guilt and refocus on your journey. Refrain from stepping on the scale or scrutinizing your reflection in the mirror. Opt for looser-fitting jeans for a week. Transcend your ego and embrace self-love. Don't let your temporary vacation weight gain consume your thoughts. Remember, you are inherently deserving of love, regardless of a little vacation bulge.

By embracing a mindful and self-compassionate approach to post-vacation rejuvenation, you can navigate your way back to a place of balance and well-being. Instead of succumbing to the allure of extreme measures, let's explore some additional steps to guide you along this journey:

Step 4: Reestablish your routine with gentle movement. Engage in activities that bring you joy and help you reconnect with your body. Take walks in nature, try a new fitness class, or simply stretch and breathe deeply. Allow yourself to gradually reintroduce physical activity without pushing yourself too hard.

Step 5: Focus on nourishing meals that support your well-being. Fill your plate with vibrant fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Prioritize foods that make you feel energized and satisfied. Embrace the pleasure of preparing homemade meals using wholesome ingredients, and savor each bite mindfully.

Step 6: Practice self-care and prioritize rest. Getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and engaging in activities that promote relaxation are crucial for overall well-being. Treat yourself to a warm bath, practice meditation or yoga, or indulge in a hobby that brings you peace and contentment. Remember, taking care of yourself is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle.

Step 7: Foster a positive mindset and self-compassion. Shift your focus from negative self-talk to nurturing self-acceptance. Remind yourself that fluctuations in weight are a natural part of life, especially after periods of indulgence. Celebrate the wonderful experiences you had during your vacation and appreciate the memories created. Embrace the journey towards holistic health, which encompasses not only your physical well-being but also your mental and emotional state.

Step 8: Seek support if needed. If you find it challenging to navigate this post-vacation phase on your own, reach out to a health coach, a supportive friend, or a professional who can offer guidance and encouragement. Sometimes, having someone to share your experiences and provide accountability can make a significant difference in achieving your goals.

Remember, rebounding from a vacation indulgence is not about punishment or restriction. It's about finding your way back to a place of balance, self-care, and intuitive eating. Embrace the process with kindness and patience, knowing that your body has the remarkable ability to restore its natural equilibrium when given the right tools and mindset.

So, take a deep breath, let go of the guilt, and embark on this journey towards rejuvenation.

Trust in yourself, honor your body, and embrace the holistic approach to well-being. You deserve to feel vibrant, nourished, and at peace with yourself, no matter what the scale may say.