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The Only Baby Formula I Recommend

May 30, 2022


For years I’ve been asked about my opinion on the best baby formula and honestly, what I recommended I was never completely happy with.

I always told people to go with the European brands like Holle, Hipp, and Nanny Care, even though there are less than favorable ingredients in all three brands. I always worried about using these myself if I ran out of breast milk. Am I really going to feed my baby industrialized seed oils or maltodextrin?!

Now that I have a (ridiculously cute) baby, I’m getting bombarded with ads for baby formula - like the new Bobbie formula (also horrible seed oils). As I write this, there’s a national baby formula shortage leaving people scrambling to buy anything at all.

I love how the Universe works, because three things have happened in the last month:

  1. More people than ever have asked me about my formula recommendations
  2. I’m considering having a back up formula since I’m running through my breast milk storage supply
  3. I had the privilege of meeting Joe Carr, the CEO of Serenity Kids foods

I know the company for their Grass fed and regenerative baby food pouches, but I had no clue that they carried baby formula.

When I looked at the formula I was ecstatic to see that it’s seed oil free, uses organic lactose, has better vitamin sourcing, no synthetic folic acid, no grains, and is made with A2 milk (more on this below).

I don’t just trust a product by the marketing on their website, I want to know the nitty gritty. I asked Joe to go into extreme detail about the formula.

I got the lowdown on the formula shortage crisis, and about Serenity Kids formula. I’m going to break it down for you quickly here:

United States / FDA Infant Formula Regulations

  • Recipe requirements are from the outdated Infant Formula Act of 1980
  • Requires multi-year and multi-million dollar feeding studies to get infant certified
  • Huge barrier to entry for innovative companies like Serenity Kids (which is why they call it toddler formula)

European Infant Formula Regulations

  • European food standards are among the strictest in the world
  • They update regulations every few years with modern science and ingredients
  • Does not require infant feeding studies, which encourages innovation
  • 2021: FDA cracked down on imported European formulas and made them nearly impossible to purchase in the US

2022 Similac Recall and Formula Shortages

  • February 2022: FDA recalled brands (e.g., Similac, Alimentum and EleCare) after babies drinking them fell sick
  • FDA knew this in September 2021 and failed to act
  • March 2022: FDA finally shut down Sturgis, MI facility leading to a formula shortage
  • Many retailers are rationing formulas
  • Members of Congress are questioning the FDA’s ability to effectively regulate the infant formula marketplace

Serenity Kids A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula

  • More similar to breastmilk than any other
  • Only formula FREE FROM industrial seed oils and synthetic folic acid
  • One of very few to contain organic A2 whole milk
  • Contains the 29 key nutrients required by the FDA for an infant formula
  • Contains premium ingredients similar to European formulas
  • Manufactured in an Ohio facility with very strict quality protocols
  • Not approved as an infant formula due to infant feeding study requirement

I thought goat and sheep milk was easier to digest than cow, so I asked Joe why they picked cows milk. His explanation is explained here in this blog.

Read their explanation here.

(The short answer is, goat and sheep milk are easier to digest because they contain the A2 protein compared to the A1 protein found in most cows milk. So going with A2 cows milk had a similar benefits as goat or sheep, but doesn’t taste as bad!)

I immediately asked if I could share a discount code with you and he mentioned their affiliate program so I signed up immediately. Head over to Serenity Kids and use the code NUTRITIONALWISDOM for 15% off your first order.

I use all of their snacks for when we travel and this is hands down the only formula I would feed to baby Sunny if she winds up needing it.

*As always, please consult with your pediatrician about using this formula for your baby!

Are there any other products you want me to research? Reply to this email and let me know!

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