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The Top 4 Functional Medicine Tests I Run in My Practice

March 24, 2021

Carly and Carly Headshots

A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast with my dear friend, Carly Brown, of Carly Brown Wellness. She wanted me to go over functional medicine testing and to go in-depth on my top 4 tests that I run in my private practice.

We talked about stool testing, heavy metal, hormone, and micronutrient testing among other things because, you know, we just can't help ourselves.

Carly is an amazing human (with a fantastic name in my opinion) who has an incredible healing journey from thyroid cancer that she shares with her Instagram fan base. She's also the owner of Alchemy Juice, in case you want the highest quality juice delivered to your doorstep (all over the US).

The podcast is 30 minutes and can help you understand if testing is the next step for you. I hope you enjoy the witty banter between two Carly's!