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What Tillie Brought me From Her First Week in Kindergarten

September 18, 2023

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Tillie started Kindergarten last week and it’s hysterical to compare how “put together” she looks when she leaves the house (braided pigtails, clean clothes, clean fingernails) to how she comes home. I would say she walks in the door with a vibe I would call “disheveled hurricane meets art project gone wrong”.

In addition to all the hideous art that comes back (listen, I can say it because I’m her mom, I still hang it on the fridge, ok?!) she also brought back the invisible gift of germs. Everyone is getting sick right now, kids included, because we are all monkeys recongregating after summer and mixing it all together in one big petri dish.

I’ve sent you my Cold, Flu, and Virus doc a few times now, but I’m sharing this again because this is truly a gem to have on hand. This document walks you through all the supplements for when you’re feeling under the weather (along with dosages for each age group).

It’s important to support the immune system when you or your little ones are sick, but we also need daily support! This is what we call “their foundational supplements”.

Below I’m sharing the foundational supplements I give to my kiddos to help support their immune systems every single day.

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Probiotics: Cultivating a Healthy Gut

Most kids aren’t willing to eat kimchi, sauerkraut, or tons of fiber-rich foods to support the gut microbiome. Since over 70% of the immune system lives in the lining of our intestines, probiotics are one of the key supplements I give my kids on a daily basis.

My picks

Vitamin D+K: Embracing the Sun

In the past, Vitamin D was effortlessly obtained from the constant sun exposure we were getting from living outdoors (without sunscreen or clothes). However, modern living and limited outdoor time have disrupted this natural party, I mean pattern.

Get your kiddo outside in the sun, preferably barefoot, during the warmer months, of course! Also, consider supplementing with Vitamin D+K. To ensure the right dosage, it's advisable to periodically check your child's Vitamin D levels, especially if you plan to provide higher doses or regular supplementation (you can do this with a simple finger prick test from Everly Well).

My picks

Vitamin C: Building a Strong Immune System

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can bolster your child's immune system. I always keep vitamin C in my pantry, especially during the winter when colds and flu are more common. You can add a small amount of Vitamin C powder to your child's water or smoothies to help fortify their immunity. I have dosages based on age in the Cold and Flu document.

My picks

Omega 3 Fish Oil: Lower Inflammation

Incorporating omega 3 into your child's routine is an excellent strategy for reducing their inflammatory load. Given the prevalence of seed oils in packaged and processed foods, a daily fish oil supplement can effectively support your child in combating inflammation.

My picks

Multivitamin: An Extra Boost if needed

If your child has strong opinions about fruits and veggies, an extra boost is needed. Consider a high-quality, child-friendly multivitamin from reputable sources. However, it's essential to remember that a multivitamin should complement, not replace, a nutrient-rich diet (that’s “mom” speak for when your kid’s lunchbox comes home with all the healthy, unprocessed foods still there, keep trying!).

My picks

While real food always takes center stage, a little science-backed daily support can make a big difference for the whole family.

Email us with any questions. I personally read each and every one!