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5 Books That Changed My Life

November 11, 2021

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Sharing this with you all now as you prepare for gift ideas for yourself or loved ones!

I am always (always) reading at least three books. Cue the Reading Rainbow butterfly… I still love me some Levar Burton!

My stack includes at least one spiritual book to deepen my practice and keep me in service to my clients, scientific books to continue my education with the insane pace of nutrition science and cutting edge health information… and something embarrassing and a total waste of time.

I ask this from all of my coaches as well because “leaders are readers” and we owe it to our people to be the most well-informed coaches possible… even on topics we might not “agree” with right off the bat.

So when people ask me, “what books have changed your life?” I have quite a list to pull from…

Watch the video here to get my top books that have changed my life so profoundly, I’m still following their teachings decades later.

And if you haven’t already read it, this book will totally change your life. No joke, I get messages weekly from readers who say they are re-reading my book or that it has set them on an unstoppable path to conscious eating. It lights me up to hear that, and I would be honored if it served you as well.

Ok watch this and I’ll share my biggies with you! Get your book club ready, we goin’ deep!



Links here, but I encourage you to support local bookstores if possible. <3