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Healing Eczema is More Than Skin Deep

June 12, 2020

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If you’ve been following me for a while you know that my daughter Tillie has suffered from eczema since she was 4-months old. In desperation, we tried every cream known to man, but nothing seemed to calm her skin.

One thing to know about skin conditions is that they heal from the inside out, NOT the outside in. This means that creams, lotions, serums can help ease irritation, but they will not be the cure for your skin woes.

My intention for this video is to give you pointers to start the healing process. This will help you get the ball rolling, but to fully heal your eczema you have to commit to uncovering what is at the root of your skin issues. My recommendation is that you see a healthcare practitioner like myself and my fantastic team or a holistic or functional medicine doctor that will do lab work and tailor a program specific to you.

Watch the video to learn how to get started healing eczema. This information is useful for all skin issues such as hives, psoriasis, or any skin inflammation.