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How Do You Know You're Taking The Right Kind?

September 11, 2020

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Ok, I’ll admit, when it comes to supplementation, I am full on science geek status. It’s a full time job weeding through all the information out there so that I can teach you exactly what you need to know about taking care of your body.

When it comes to spending your hard earned cash, I want you to feel confident on the following:

  1. The supplements you’re taking are right for your body
  2. You’re taking the right dose to feel an effect
  3. Your supplements are the highest quality out there
  4. You’re taking the right form of the vitamin, nutrient, mineral, herb, etc...

There are some supplements I spend more time talking about than others, and magnesium is one of them. It can come off as “cure all” no matter what your needs are, but keep reading because you’re about to look behind the scenes at what all the fuss is about. And I tried to make you laugh while you learn... like a cool teacher.

Yes, it’s critical to over 300 enzymatic productions in the body, but there are different forms of magnesium that help it get this all-encompassing-hero status.

This is worth a read because I broke it down for you like any great practitioner would - start with the desired outcome you’re looking for, and select the form that will get you that result. I made this so you can start looking into this for yourself, but if you’re struggling you know where to find us.

Ok, the basics. So magnesium is a mineral that generally supports:

  • energy production
  • helps form new cells and tissues
  • blood glucose control
  • stress!
  • regulation of hormones
  • maintenance of bones and teeth
  • maintains muscle function (including cardiac and colon muscle)
  • more than I can write in a blog or else you will fall asleep

Keep in mind the following conditions make people predisposed to a magnesium deficiency: gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular issues, type 2 diabetes, alcohol dependence, or stress in all forms (ie. emotional, physical, pregnancy, environmental, or dietary stressors like too much alcohol or coffee). That last one includes just about all of us… and 75% of people test as magnesium deficient.

Now you’re ready to pick your path (anyone else remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books?!):

*Please note the links below will direct you to our e-store where you will be prompted to login in order to get the supplement details. It’s super quick to create an account, and then you will have endless access to the best products for you and the whole family (unless you don’t like your family, and then definitely don’t recommend these supplements).

Do you need support with getting things moving (bowel relaxation / constipation)? Then I suggest Mag Citrate - you can get this in powder or pill form, and since it also helps with sleep I suggest you take it at night. Bonus: the timing will help you have a bowel movement in the morning. If you don’t notice a change, increase your dose!

Do you need to sleep like the clean-conscience little angel you are? Again, Mag Citrate will help - you can get this in powder or pill form. And yes, my grandmother used to say only people with a clean conscience are good sleepers, so maybe you also need to make amends somewhere then pop some of that mag.

Are you dragging all day, fantasizing about hiring a personal assistant, desperate for energy? Magnesium Malate is the best form for you. It comes in capsules so it’s very easy to take. Magnesium Malate is best for people who are always tired, or if you have an energy-related disease (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or generally low energy). It has moderate bowel tolerance and is good to take before bed.

Do you feel anxiety, stress, brain fog, or just not yourself mentally? Anything brain health related (mental clarity, stress, mood) can be supported by Magnesium Threonate. Ok, this explanation is for my real nerds. L-threonate is a unique form of magnesium that can be a game-changer because it’s much better at crossing the blood-brain barrier. The amount of elemental magnesium in this product is small (144mg for 3 pills) but that’s all you need because of how easily it crosses the blood-brain barrier. Use it for anxiety disorders, phobias, to help with sleep, brain fog, for overall brain wellness. There was a study in rats where “Magtein” (the patented form in NeuroMag) was able to improve both memory & learning.

Is your stress and tension more physical (muscular) than mental? Mag Bisglycinate (which is found in these Magnesium Chelate Caps or Magnesium Chelate Powder) will help. It contains 100% magnesium bisglycinate chelate which are magnesium molecules bound to two glycine molecules, which makes the magnesium more bioavailable and it has less of a laxative effect than oxide.

Are you needing muscle support, but don’t need help getting those bowels moving any more than they already are? I hear ya! I suggest this topical magnesium, MagneGel for anyone in this boat (I see you, distance runners). This is a topical gel that’s great for sore muscles, or great for people who are super sensitive to magnesium’s laxative effect.

Do you need magnesium support for the reasons above, but can’t take pills? The powders are certainly an option when available, but this liquid Ionic Mag is by far the easiest to use (especially for kids or anyone who doesn't like pills). It’s 500 mg of magnesium chloride in a liquid form. It comes from the Great Salt Lake, so you get other beneficial minerals too and all are highly bioavailable (aka better absorbed). Tastes a little salty but it’s great to add to water in the morning.

Are you at the end of this magnesium adventure and not sure which camp you fall into, or want the best of all worlds? I like your style. Without a doubt, Magnesium Chelate Caps or Magnesium Chelate Powder wins the vote as the best overall magnesium supplementation option for various applications. So if you look at this list and think, "I need magnesium to support many or all of these conditions,” then go with the chelate!

I hope this behind the scenes practitioner access is helpful for you and your family. Keep in mind 75% of Americans are magnesium deficient according to RDA standards (and honestly, those thresholds are frighteningly low levels to meet. They are there to help you survive, not thrive). That being said, if you’re not supplementing with magnesium already please look into this further, either with world-class expert coaches like us or a practitioner knowledgeable in nutrition.



P.S. Do whatever you need to stay consistent. It can take 3 months to see a big difference in how you feel when you take certain supplements, so make the commitment, read up on the science (or trust me), and be patient!

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