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How To Forgive Yourself From Shame or Guilt

July 17, 2019

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Forgiveness can be kind of tricky.

We've all been there before. We say something or do something that we're not proud of, only to get stuck in a shame spiral.

I recently hurt someone and it sucked... I was trying over and over again to rationalize my way through this guilt, telling myself, "It's ok, Carly, no one's perfect"... etc, etc.

Finally, after trying and trying to forgive myself, I gave up.

But then, I had this epiphany...

"I'm not going to be able to change the way I feel, without first changing my underlying narrative."

What if I told you that this change was actually pretty simple to do?

This change helped me, not through desperate attempts of shame or guilt, but by exploring my narrative around the event and the power I put behind that meaning.

And best part about this tool, is that it can help you to do the same.

Want to dive deeper into these concepts and truly learn how to apply them to your daily life?

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Together, we'll create a present-moment awareness that positively impacts every area of your life. You'll lose weight, improve your digestion, energy and mood without feeling like you need to be punished. You'll learn how to finally stop shaming and talking smack to your naked self in the mirror.

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What an amazing day! Thank you to everyone who came to my talk. I know you had a ton of choices and I’m glad you picked me. 
I loved meeting each of you to sign your books and I sent you each a silent prayer that you feed your soul and live life fulfilled 💋 #sxsw2019
When how I look determines whether or not I feel worthy of love, acceptance, or praise, I feel like crap. My mind tells me that only a flat stomach, small thighs and toned arms are the standard of my beauty, of my “enough”ness.

When how I feel is determined by all of the loving things I tell myself about my imperfect body, I feel whole, grounded and at peace. It motivates me to do more good things for my body, like exercise, eating well, drinking more water. I do these things out of love, not fear, because my worthiness is no longer a factor.
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At Home Soba Noodle Bowl 🤩🍥🥢
Soba #noodle bowl + 6 minute egg + radishes, scallions, cilantro and a ton of greens! Hit it with some Sriracha, kimchi, and white sesame seeds for some extra flavor 🙌
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