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Insights About Gratitude and Stress after I was Robbed on My Birthday

April 18, 2018


Normally, you would see a subject line like that and think I was trying to bait and switch you.

I got robbed… of sugar, of fun, of my innocence! But seriously, I got straight up robbed on my birthday.

I spent the first half of the day seeing all of my beloved clients and then my husband, bestie and I went for lunch, foot massages, and fro-yo. I ended the day with a dinner picnic in the park with my family. Check out this motley crew.

Carly Birthday Fam

Somewhere in the midst of my galavanting, someone broke into my car and stole my computer bag (computer and bank checks in tow), along with {GASP, the horror} my favorite lunch bag. I hope whoever did this enjoyed my pistachios and cucumber tomato salad.

Am I tell you this because I want sympathy? If I was working that angle, I would just complain to you how pregnant I am.

I share this story with you because:

The key to permanent health is to realize that your plate is a reflection of your inner state.

To manage your inner state, you must learn to control the voice in your head.

You will be tested at least once a day to rework your stories to come back to a place of peace, gratitude, and clarity when it comes to making decisions about your food, and your self-care.

If A+B = C, then if you want permanent health, it’s all about controlling the mind.

Once I found out my computer was stolen, and that I had to close all of my bank accounts and open new ones, my mind went into the automatic, “why me, why on my birthday of all days, this sucks, how annoying, etc…”

I immediately could feel all the happiness and playfulness drain from my body and turn into frustration, victimization, and to put it bluntly, a shitty, disempowered state. You know what I do in that state? I eat cookies.

Nope, I’m not going to let someone I don’t know have this type of power.

Instead, here were the stories I came up with to stay empowered and grateful on my birthday:

The Universe bought me a new computer for my birthday. What an unexpected gift!

I am super grateful they didn’t take my wallet (which was also in the car).

This gives me an opportunity to be grateful for things I haven’t thought about, such as owning a computer.

This gives me a reason to practice one of the most powerful tools we have, which is forgiveness.

Whoever broke into my car was doing so because they believed this was their only means of survival. This is a hard life. I forgive them and wish abundance for them so they don’t feel they have to do things like this in order to get ahead in life.

So, what does this mean to you? What stories do you need to shift in order to get to a more empowered state? In what ways are you stressed, and without knowing it, have turned a gift into a problem?

Turning a gift into a problem means you are taking something in your life that you could find a way to be grateful for, and instead you are stressing about it. A job promotion, a house project, a relationship, a device or tool that isn’t working correctly, etc…

Can you use your power over the mind to shift your emotions... so you don’t eat them?

Who do you need to forgive right now to let go of some frustration and anger? Is it yourself or someone else?

If the rest of the blog resonated with you and you would like help controlling the voice in your head, check out this e-guide I made. Send it to someone you know who needs it.

Just a heads up...when you click the link, you will be asked to enter your name and email address and then will receive three emails with more information and some free gifts.

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Weekly Cookup:

Disclaimer: I’m 35 weeks pregnant which means every ounce of my Martha Stewart has drained from my body. I’m keeping it easy and will be doing so for the next few weeks until I pop this bun out of the oven.

Use this cookup as a way to inspire you to make easy meals that are healthy and taste delicious. No homemade sauces in this cookup.

Pulled Pork in Crockpot with Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach Salad - By spinach salad I mean I threw spinach, pistachios, cranberries and balsamic dressing on a plate. No chopping required.

Chicken and Bacon Cobb Salad - do not make the bacon beforehand because you will eat all of it and then have none left for your salad. A “friend of a friend” gave me this advice.

Turkey Meatloaf, Cauliflower Rice, GF Gravy with Mushrooms, and Sauteed Green Beans (My mother made this for me, thanks mom!)

Chimichurri Steak With Grilled Veggies - ok I lied, I actually did make this sauce but it was Sunday and I had the time. This chimichurri is very simple when you have the ingredients, and it tastes delicious on any protein! Stop what you are doing and make this sauce right now!