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My Shameful 2 Minute Go-To Meal

July 24, 2019

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We're all busy these days.

Most days, despite my busyness, I still make it a “must” to get into the kitchen and cook well thought out meals that have dressings, herbs… let’s just say I keep it classy.

Then some days I feel like I’m nursing at the same time I’m answering emails (I hope my midwife isn’t reading this) and typing with my toes while I fold the laundry. Fine, I’m exaggerating but some days it feels like I’m a human octopus, my limbs in all directions, and I don’t blink because I’m reserving my energy for far more important tasks.

On those days I still want to eat healthfully, but I’ve left no inspiration or time to be in the kitchen.

I have a go-to meal that takes me two minutes to cook. It’s ugly and makes no sense, but it’s healthy and for some reason I love it.

My Go-To Makeshift Meal

I start by buying a ready-made roasted chicken from Whole Foods and ripping it to shreds. This was my mom’s go-to for a Shabbat dinner and I always complained about it. Sorry, mom.

Is the chicken dry? Yes. Could I make it ten times more delicious by roasting it myself? Yes. Glad we got that covered, now let’s move on.

I throw that in the pan with 18 handfuls of pre-washed spinach, the kind that comes in the plastic box and makes you feel bad about the environment when you buy it. Yep, I’m that girl. I add extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and marvel about how quickly the spinach shrivels into nothing.

Now, I ponder chopping some onion but I decide I’m too busy and move to the next step.

I add in this fake aged “cheddar cheese.” I know it’s processed, but it’s the healthiest dairy alternative I’ve ever found. It’s by Parmela Creamery and made with cultured cashew milk.

This cheese:

  • Does not melt well
  • Does not taste like cheese

Glad I got that off my chest.

Lastly, I add hot sauce and toss the entire slop into a bowl.

Chicken, spinach, EVOO, cashew cheese, hot sauce.

Protein, veggies, fats, and fiber… well, fiber… let’s just think good thoughts.

There you go. That’s the meal that keeps me on the healthy track, takes literally two minutes to make, and I love it every time.

In review, sometimes you can’t be Bobby Flay (or his girlfriend, I’ve come to terms with this) and that’s ok. It’s not about being perfect.

In fact, living in that black and white mentality of either “I’m really good” or “I’m really bad” is the antithesis of losing weight and keeping it off.

Sometimes you have to make ugly meals that would make professional chefs and family members cringe. You do you boo, find that grey area and live that balance.

What’s your go-to makeshift meal that you would never make for friends? I want to know! Slide into the DM's.