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Unique Workouts I Promise You’ve Never Tried

September 04, 2020


Not unique but let's start with free and easy

  • Walking: perfect exercise especially if you don’t have a regular routine. Walking gets a bad rap as if it’s “not enough,” but moving your body is the point here! You get time outside, it’s great if you’re healing an injury or not in a workout routine, it’s welcoming to bring kids or others at home, and it’s an amazing exercise. If you’re doing phone meetings this is also an option to multi-task. Make sure you have an exciting podcast or book on tape. This is the pull for me to get my shoes on.
  • HIIT Walks: ok, I totally made this up but have been doing it for years. If I’m not feeling a run but need to kick the walks up a bit I do a HIIT walk. Every 0.1 miles, I stop and do 10 reps of something to get my heart rate up. Jumping jacks, high knees, push ups, burpees, squats or squat jumps, lunges or lunge jumps, etc. You pick! It’ll let you get your heart rate back down with the walking in between.
  • Running: it’s free, it’s effective, you love it or hate it. If running is something you’ve wanted to get into, try the Couch to 5K app and train virtually with someone. Friendly competition still honors social distancing. ;)

Try something different

1. The Class By Taryn Toomey
I am obsessed with this workout and am currently doing it 4-5 times a week. I cannot say enough good things about this class.

The Deal: 14 Days Free then $40 per month

The Workout: Multiple Live Stream classes every day plus some on demand. This class will get your whole body moving without any exercise equipment. It is fast-paced with powerful music, and you can expect to do everything from jumping jacks to shaking your body, making weird noises and flailing your arms in ways you never thought possible. It is weird and amazing, and there’s a spiritual component to the instruction which you know I’m a sucker for.

2. The Brukwine Class
Who wouldn’t want to be trained by J.Lo or Beyonce’s backup dancers?! Tamara and Tavia create workouts combining hip hop dance and fitness moves.

The Deal: $5 Class Pass

The Workout: A mix of dance and fitness, and great music!

3. The Tracy Anderson Method
The fitness guru we’ve all heard of, who has curated engaging workouts where you never get bored of doing the same thing. A 3 pound weight never felt so heavy after pulsing with it for 5 minutes straight.

The Deal: 14 Days Free then $90 per month

The Workout: New weekly workout videos OnDemand and daily live classes. 30-minute total body workouts and cardio dance classes at all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

4. DanceBody
A high energy, dynamic “party like it’s hot” workout leaving no muscle untouched.

The Deal: 7 Days Free then $34.99 per month

The Workout: Live Stream classes daily and OnDemand classes. Choreographed dance moves mixed with resistance training using light weights and bands.

5. Lefkit Method
A high-intensity, low-impact workout with fun music and fresh new content every week.

The Deal: 7 Days Free then $19.99 per month

The Workout: Stream workouts anytime and anywhere. A mix of cardio and sculpt ranging from quick to full-length workouts.

Information on the workouts you’ve seen 500 times in your feed

The following options seem more basic but I wanted you to have all this information in one place. You don’t need to spend time searching and can get right to moving that hawt bod of yours.

1. Beachbody
The Deal: 14 Days Free

The Workout: All types including barre, yoga, dance, kickboxing, HIIT, etc.

The Caveat: I don’t like their nutrition advice or products, but that’s a whole other newsletter.

2. Openfit
The Deal: 14 Days Free

The Workout: All types again - pilates, barre, 10-minute workouts, etc.

The Caveat: The daily nutrition plans are a one size fits all approach (understandably). If you’re reading this blog I know you already know better than that!

3. Peloton
The Deal: 90 Days Free

The Workout: You don’t even need the bike! The app has yoga, meditation, strength training, 5 minute workouts, etc.

4. MyFitnessPal
The Deal: Free!

The Workout: Check out their archive of 7-minute workouts. You have 7 minutes each day, no excuses.

Want to support local Austin gyms and instructors?

  • Yoga at Home with Angie Knight: This is my fav yoga teacher. She is so real and has the best energy. I know you have a million options for yoga, but for $9 you will be so grateful you found her.
  • Yoga with Adrienne: Need something free? Her channel has classes for every level and tons of free content.
  • Green Bird Fitness: studio in Dripping Springs my team loves! Offering a live stream (Zoom) barre, pilates, yoga class most days - and if you can’t make the time the session will be sent to you via email.
  • Castle Hill Fitness: providing discounted virtual training (Zoom) and written workouts.
  • MOD Fitness: virtual barre and dance classes (Zoom) - we’ve worked with MOD in the past and love their trainers.
  • Define Body & Mind: live streaming classes - seems like some days they have 5+ classes per day.
  • Wild Heart Yoga: online yoga, including some much needed yin yoga.

Whatever you pick, make a schedule and stick to it like it’s a work call. Show up like you are being paid because you are! Now more than ever we know there’s nothing more valuable than your health.

Extra fuel to help you with your workout

Alright all you cool cats and kittens - these are the two things I use to recover faster and show up stronger in my workouts. Both are super easy to throw in your water bottle and make part of your routine! Let me know if you have specific questions but now is an essential time to avoid injury (PT, acupuncture, massage all not options at the moment), boost your immune system and mental health.


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