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5 Super Bowl Ideas To Avoid The Regretsies (That Applies to All Parties Loaded With Appetizers)

February 01, 2018

Rod Long 472786 Unsplash

I had no clue the Super Bowl was this Sunday until a client asked me for tips. This is how sports savvy I am. I did, however, know that Kim Kardashian showed her nips on Instagram. Just goes to show where my focus is.

Here are some quick tips and recipes so that you can wake up on Monday still feeling on plan with absolutely no regrets-ies.

1. Create some accountability with someone who is going. Tell them you are going to eat healthily and a) only grab the protein and veggies, b) only eat one plate, c) avoid the cheesy, fried foods, etc... You are much more likely not to grab something off plan for fear that your accountability buddy will make some obnoxious comment. Accountability works. This reminds me of a time I went on a boat trip and I told the chef I was gluten-free. Once I got on the boat, she kept saying, “this one is for you Carly, because it’s gluten-free.” Then when the cookies and crap came out, I couldn’t grab one because everyone would say, “what about you being gluten-free?!?” It was great accountability.

2. Eat small portions of whatever you choose. The biggest issue is not the lack of healthy options but overeating because there are so many options. Grab one plate and fill half of it with some type of veggie and the other half with protein and fat. If it's a dinner size plate, imagine an invisible rim around the plate to make it smaller. The truth is you would be completely satisfied eating off of a small appetizer plate. I'd rather pile food on a small plate than put a small portion on a large plate. But I'm a goldfish, I'll just keep eating without that boundary. ;)

3. Remember your outcome. This event, like all birthdays, friends in town, holidays, etc... will always come around again, and now is the time for you to make changes. Plus, when you are loving the way you feel and look, I promise you that you won't feel sad about skipping the artichoke dip. On your way to the partaay, think about how you want to feel when you leave the house, and how you want to feel the next day waking up, the day after that and the summer day when you are scantily clothed.

4. There are so many delicious healthy options for Super Bowl (bacon wrapped dates, sweet potato bruschetta, guac and veggies, olives, salami, Flackers flax crackers and almonds, fruit with coconut milk whip cream and stevia, BBQ meat and coleslaw), etc. The problem is that no one makes this high-quality stuff, instead, they just make shit. Bring a meal for yourself or bring a dish that you could eat in entirety, like a salad. You know there will be some type of protein there so that's not a problem.

5. Keep your mouth busy. After you eat, chew gum so you don't graze and eat unconsciously.

If you feel like you are focusing too much on the food, walk outside, check your phone, interrupt the craving pattern.

Lastly, pretend like you will win a million dollars if you eat clean during that one meal. If one mill was on the line, how easy would it be?! I’d do it for a new purse. Just a simple mind game to create clarity.

Any Super Bowl tips that I’m missing? Let me know what works for you! Comment below and share your tips.