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How To Get Enough Protein While Eating Less Meat

January 15, 2020

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I'll just tell you right away: meat is healthy for some people and not for others.

I just listened to an almost 4-hour podcast with two well-respected nutrition experts presenting concrete data to support two opposite theories. Listening to this debate was like a long visit to the dentist, but it only strengthened my personal belief that different diets work for different people.

Bottom line: I’m not a proponent of a “one size fits all” approach but the one thing I can say with confidence is that if we want to be healthy, we need to eat plants. Lots of them.

Whether you’re a hardcore Paleo meat-eater or a crunchy vegan plant crusader, you do what works for your body, mind, and spirit.

Although, fair warning, the more intense you are about your diet being the right way to eat, you can guarantee you will learn a hard lesson down the line when your body’s requirements change.

My body feels strong when I eat meat, but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw in some plant-based meals throughout the week for balance (and for the planet).

Most people go to rice, beans, or quinoa for their non-animal protein sources. If these work for your body, great, but I personally don’t feel great when I eat grains.

Here’s how I do a plant-based meal without eating a plate full of carbs...