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How To Use Clarity - Outcomes Over Process

May 03, 2019


I’m just going to jump right into the good stuff: clarity allows you to attach pleasure in what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Have you ever felt like the goal posts keep moving in your life? You lose the 38 lbs, now you’ve got to get “abs” (yes, intentional quotes because we all have abs… somewhere in there…). You get the job, now you’ve got to work your ass off to get to the next level. You have the baby, now the fun really starts…

To prevent this defeating feeling of an ever-moving target you never actually reach, you have to create and focus on your next outcome, not the process it takes to get there. The nitty gritty is going to trap you in the weeds!

In a study done by vision scientists and social psychologists, it was found that people who keep their “eye on the prize” see a finish line as 30% closer than people who don’t. They also moved faster and felt it took 17% less effort to get there.

This means you can change your subjective experience so that a goal feels closer and takes less effort for you to get there - without you needing to work harder.

This is why I get clear every morning as soon as I wake up as to what I want most in my life.

Getting clear on your outcome, or your finish line, makes you more resilient to the resistance and challenges you will face along the way. Training your mind’s eye to focus on your finish line means you have to be crystal clear on your outcome. Keep watching…