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Why I Make This Meal The Week Before Thanksgiving

November 15, 2017


I know what the holidays look like for you. Let's not forget that I used to wear elastic waist stretch pants (just like the preggo ones I wear now) to Thanksgiving and Chanukah...and probably most days in between. Many of the holiday dishes that we love SO much are only available to us on these days, and therefore we feel the need to pack in as much as possible IN ONE DAY (cut to you on the couch, elastic stretched to the max, belly stuffed to the brim...eating a third serving of grandma's famous pie). Well, I'm about to rewrite that "story" for you.

Why not make a Thanksgiving meal THIS WEEK?!?

You heard me right. If you make a healthy holiday meal this week and enjoy some of your favorites, you'll be less likely to eat too much next week on T-Gives. Same goes for Christmas and Chanukah. I've provided a few healthy holiday recipes below in my Weekly Meal Prep, but you can head over to our recipes page for many more. I know that you are not going to bust out a 12 pound turkey the week before, so check out my recipe for Turkey Burgers and serve them with store-bought cranberry sauce and sweet taters.

Stuffed Whole Butternut Squash
- This is the epitome of a healthy Thanksgiving meal. It's a vegan meal by itself, but I added turkey and cranberry sauce from Whole Foods Hot Bar. The recipe is a little intimidating, but it wasn't involved once I had the ingredients. Do leave yourself time, this baby needs to cook for an hour and a half, but it was super delish.

Stuffed Butternut Squash

Chorizo Paella - don't skimp out with the saffron threads. You probably don't have these and need to buy them next time you are at the store, but the flavor makes the dish!

African Curried Coconut and Chickpea Soup - I'm into soup this week. Here's my veggie only meal.

Butternut Squash Soup with Pulled Chicken and Apples - Austin had a cold front and I couldn't find my winter jacket so I made this delicious and incredibly easy soup instead. This soup can be a (vegan) meal by itself, this time I threw a pound of chicken thighs, a chopped apple and some chicken broth into the crock pot and cooked it on high for 4 hours.

Butternut Squash